In response to the health crisis, the government has created several aids to fight against the precariousness and ill-being of students. Some are extended for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Several government measures in favor of students, in response to the health crisis, are maintained for the year 2021–2022. Overview of the devices.

Since September 2020, the full meal in university canteens has increased to one euro for scholarship holders, against 3.30 euros at the normal rate. No action to be taken, just present your Izly card at the cash desk. This rate is also applicable to certain students without scholarships in great precariousness. In this case, you must report to the social workers of your Crous.

Since January 2021, this measure had been extended to all students, without conditions. But the government has decided to put an end to it at the start of the 2021 school year. The price for all non-scholarship students is therefore again 3.30 euros. An interactive map allows you to find the university restaurant closest to you.

Since last February, psychological support has been offered to all students experiencing discomfort. This system is always accessible on You benefit from three sessions of 45 minutes completely free – renewable under the same conditions beyond three sessions -, with a psychologist, at no advance charge.

Almost 70,000 sessions have already been carried out through the platform or in the SSUs. The Nightline listening service is also maintained.

The rent freeze for university residences managed by the CROUS was decided at the height of the health crisis, in 2020, for the 2021 academic year. This measure is extended until the start of the 2022 school year.

From September 2021, 1,500 free dispensers of periodic protection should be deployed on all campuses.

Periodic protection will also be distributed free of charge in the university residences of the Crous and certain catering areas in September.

The Crous emergency aid fund was increased in November 2020. It delivers specific aid which can take the form of one-off aid if you temporarily encounter difficulties, or an annual allowance in the event of lasting difficulties. They are managed by the CROUS and can be accessed at and on 0 806 000 278.

The merit aid is dedicated to scholarship students based on social criteria who obtained a “very good” mention in the last session of the baccalaureate. Beneficiaries are entitled to it for three consecutive years. It amounts to 900 euros annually. There is no action to be taken: the information is sent by the rectorate to the CROUS to complete the file.

Master mobility aid is granted to scholarship holders with a bachelor’s degree and new entrants in the first year of a master’s degree who change academic region. It amounts to 1,000 euros.

Aid for international mobility is reserved for scholarship holders who wish to pursue higher education abroad as part of an exchange program or do an international internship. With a monthly amount of 400 euros, it is paid over a period of between two and nine months.

Parcoursup mobility aid can be granted to high school scholarship students in 2020–2021 who have accepted on Parcoursup an admission proposal for training located outside their home academy. Eligible high school students can still apply for this assistance at The examination of the file is carried out by the CROUS once the administrative registration has been carried out in the higher education establishment. This is a cumulative aid of 500 euros.

Finding yourself among the helpers As part of the “1 young person, 1 solution” plan, a platform lists all the government measures that can be mobilized for young people. It identifies student aid and offers an aid simulator to which you are entitled. Since January 10, 2020, a national telephone number has been dedicated to students experiencing serious financial difficulties. Objective: to encourage recourse to emergency financial aid which already exists but is still too little known and used. Do not hesitate to contact 0806 000 278.

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