Nice compliments. But also strong advice to help him take another step forward. In an interview broadcast this Sunday by Telefoot on TF1, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was welcoming to Kylian Mbappé. While explaining why, according to him, the PSG striker has not yet reached his best level. “Who is the best player in the world? I think there are a lot of good players. I love Mbappé, but what he does is not yet enough. He is too much in a comfort, in his zone. He must walk on the fire. If he walks on the fire, he will be even better “, developed the gà © Swedish ant. With strong words.

“Imagine how strong he can get if he hurts himself. He has to taste the taste of blood. You have to be surrounded by people pushing you and fumbling around. Grow up, but you don’t need to be surrounded by those who tell you you are the best Surround yourself with those who will tell you that you are not are not good enough and that you must become better, and you will become better. This is what I think of the situation of Mbappé “, insisted the striker of the AC Milan, passed by Paris between 2012 and 2016. Asked about the other players he appreciates, Ibrahimovic was a little less talkative: “Mbappé is in the top of those I love. There are other top players for a long time. For the youngsters there is Mbappé, Haaland. And who else? There is Ibrahimovic, no need for another. “

During this interview, Zlatan also gave his opinion on PSG. A clear opinion. “I have very good memories, without me PSG would not have become what it is today. I came and everything changed. Lionel’s arrival Messi? I think it’s a good challenge for him, he is going to try something new after a long time at Barcelona, ​​he arrives at a very ambitious club and who is in good shape of ascension. Paris must now take advantage of him. Are PSG stronger than in my time? No, we were a team, today it is ???? is not a team. They are no better. “