After spreading his messages and feelings on social networks, Wanda Icardi, wife of Mauro, confided in an interview with the Argentinian channel, Telefe, on Tuesday. She explained the reasons for her separation, then her reconciliation with her husband last October. Affected, the Argentine striker missed several training sessions and PSG matches (Leipzig and Marseille). The reasons for this stormy passage? A message from another woman, model China Suarez, discovered on the phone of the former Inter Milan player.

“We are still together, we are a very close family, she said. I was talking with the girl who organizes our parties in Paris. Mauro’s phone and I saw a conversation with a very famous woman Mauro had never talked about such a thing. Still, I’ve been through breakups with other couples. If you don’t speak, we start making things up. “

“It was my fault, because before talking to a friend or my sister, I uploaded a story (on Instagram, editor’s note), she continues. The phone and the first thing that happened to me was the quarrel. With Mauro we show each other everything. I always checked the cell phone and I don ?? I never found anything. We started our relationship as friends. I always told him everything and he told me everything. “

“I was not a friend of China Suárez but we had a good relationship,” she continues. not an open couple. For me a little message is divorce. The messages said things I wouldn’t have written and I didn’t expect Mauro wouldn’t tell me. We didn’t had never had a problem like this. “

She continues by revealing Mauro Icardi’s reaction to hers. “He told me that it was stupid, that it was the mistake of his life, explains the agent. He himself told me that there had been a meeting and it was nothing and it’s true that nothing happened. It seems that she came to Paris. When it happened, I went upstairs e in temperature and I left. Mauro would have divorced in my place. “

She says she has since apologized to the China Suarez. “For me, a message is very serious, regardless of whether it happened or not, she adds. Today, I have full confidence in Mauro.” The player was briefly invited to the set at the insistence of the presenter and despite Wanda’s reluctance. “I didn’t come here fixed, he whispered. I just walked past like that.”