LE SCAN SPORT – The historic track “Who Said I Would” by the American singer gave way to a DJ Snake title during the match against Strasbourg.

The Parisian supporters had blamed this on an error or a parenthesis related to the presentation of Lionel Messi. On August 14th, the frenzied rhythms of “Who Said I Would” did not accompany, as usual, the entry of PSG players onto the lawn of the Parc des Princes in Paris. occasion of the match against Strasbourg. Instead, the Park’s speakers played a song by DJ Snake. Fans fond of the Phil Collins track, which has become one of the club’s icons for almost thirty years, are going to have to get used to it and may not hear it this Saturday afternoon either. for the second game of the season against Clermont (5 p.m.).

“It was not at all a mistake”, explains in the columns of Parisian Fabien Allègre, director of diversification of the club. “That we are very attached to this sound, I can hear it and our will is not to eliminate it from all our games. But why can’t we have the “Go West” (of the Pet Shop Boys) or the Phil Collins when the players arrive for the warm-up? I had a lot of very positive feedback from people who rather appreciated the song (by DJ Snake) “, continues the leader of the PSG, specifying that there had been” a real consultation on the subject ”with several supporters, including representatives of the Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP).

At the end of 2015, the track “Who Said I Would” had been replaced by the song of supporters “à ?? Ville Lumière ”as part of a tribute to the victims of the November 13 attacks. The change had lasted for several weeks before the club chose to hand over Phil Collins’ record at the insistence of many supporters.

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