Thanks to their success against Olympique Lyonnais (2-1), at the end of the 6th day of Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain are on 6 wins in 6 games. Despite this, Mauricio Pochettino, PSG coach, is at the heart of criticism especially for having released Lionel Messi, Parisian striker aged 34, in the 75th minute of the match against Lyon. On the airwaves of France Bleu Paris, journalist Stéphane Bitton spoke about this and the media pressure surrounding the Argentinian tactician.

“There is not a day without Pochettino being at the heart of the debate. Debate Wednesday after Bruges and its funny reading of the match, debate Sunday after Lyon and the exit of Lionel Messi. Each time his choices have been spied on, dissected, commented on, and by me the first.

It is true that many would like to be in the place of the Parisian coach even if everyone knows that it is not easy to lead PSG and that it is even more complicated this season with the equipment he has to manage. the injured, the sequence of matches, but above all managing egos: here are the keys to success, or not, for Pochettino. To say that more is expected of this team would be an understatement. Paris has the best in every position and must show us more! ”

Apart from the draw against Club Brugge (1-1) on the first day of the Champions League group stage, overall there is nothing to say about the start of the season for PSG. Unfortunately, this is the Parisian club, the media coverage is high and every little glitch is analyzed. Pochettino, who is at the head of this team, is logically at the heart of the debates, it’s part of the job, even if it can sometimes be very heavy. Currently, the capital club are at a point in the season when they are under no real pressure.

There are the group stages of the LDC that have started and apart from a disaster, he should qualify for the round of 16. It is usually from the spring that the pressure is greatest, since that is when the main objectives must be realized. The various national media should therefore keep a little under the elbow, because the season will be very long. The main thing has to be done on the pitch and that is what is happening at the moment for PSG who remain undefeated at the start of the season.

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