Passed to the microphone of RMC Sport before the meeting, the coach of PSG Mauricio Pochettino justified his choice of men for the shock against City.

“It’s a bit of everything, the performance, the state of form, while taking into account the possibility that our players can play all the competitions, explains the technician. ???? is not easy to share the matches, but it is like that. “

The Argentinian also ensured that Messi feels good physically: “He’s recovered well and he’s ready to play a great game. Will he play 90 minutes? We’re not talking about à §A upstream, we just prepare for the meeting, hoping that everything goes well, and we’ll see during the game. “

No real No.9 among the Skyblues, but a collection of talent: Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez, Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish all hold. In the Premier League, for the victory on the Chelsea lawn on Saturday, Riyad Mahrez and Raheem Sterling had not started.

Ederson â ???? Walker, Ruben Dias, Laporte, Cancelo â ???? Rodri, De Bruyne, B. Silva â ???? Mahrez, Sterling, Grealish

Mauricio Pochettino has decided to line up Nuno Mendes on the left side of the Paris defense. Back from injuries, Marco Verratti and Lionel Messi are on the starting line.

Long awaited for the shock against Manchester City, Neymar has been back in shape for a few matches. The Brazilian will be keen to shine against the English club and even count on a little divine help in the Champions League.

“PSG are impatient to win the Champions League. In the first years we have seen very rapid progress but after that it may have stagnated a bit, said Jà © rà © me Rothen It looks like PSG have been a bit rushed in recent years. PSG are perhaps a little more shallow than Manchester City. seems more consistent to City, we read it better We don’t know how PSG will play out against City Does that sound like real style and a real game plan? do not have the impression. “

Jean-Michel Larquà © fears to see the three midfielders of PSG in suffering if the trio Mbappà © -Messi-Neymar does not help them to defend.

“This midfielder, in addition if he is abandoned by his attack, may suffer, explained Captain Larqué. We risk having a broth there.”

“The problem is not Mauricio Pochettino and his management. He has a very talented group of players and it starts with the keepers. Kelyor Navas has been huge with PSG this season He helped the club reach the semi-finals last season, the final the year before. Donnarumma has shown that he does Was in great progress. The proof is that he was champion at the Euro in decisive. At PSG, when he played, he was irreproachable. We cannot blame him for having missed certain games. Contrary perhaps to Keylor Navas who was sometimes hesitant at the start This is to be taken into account for Mauricio Pochettino. And then, it is not he who created this squad. Above him there is a director sportsman who has to do things according to the collective and the coach I am not sure that Pochettino’s priority at the start of the year was to take one of next goalkeeper for competition Keylor Navas. I am even convinced of it. There is no competition, Pochettino is forced to cut the playing time of his goalkeepers in half. Donnarumma and Navas will do the same number of games at the end of the season in my opinion. “

“This is the most important position, a goalkeeper cannot be managed like a field player. Paris has two great goalkeepers. a younger person who embodies the future In all the clubs in the world we designate a number 1 and a number 2. We are not talking about something extraordinary but rather about? ??? a logical thing for a manager. For me, Navas has always been irreproachable in his goal and has saved PSG quite a few times this past season. keeper of experience with several titles in the Champions League. I would put him number 1 without hesitation. He has made his matches and I ask myself the question. Why the choice has not been made. not done yet? I am wondering. “

It’s confirmed: Gianluigi Donnarumma will start with PSG this Tuesday evening against Manchester City. The Italian goalkeeper will live his first match in the Champions League.

Heavily criticized for his arbitration of the recent France-Germany at the Euro, the Spaniard Carlos del Cerro Grande will officiate. An experienced referee who has never directed a PSG game.

If the semi-final had been played behind closed doors last season, the Parc des Princes should give rise to a superb evening on Tuesday. PSG supporters will push like never before to help their team defeat City.

“It would be too big of a risk to put Marco Verratti and Lionel Messi at the same time. Can we afford to put Lionel Messi on the bench? He is Messi and is there perhaps a agreement with Pochettino saying that it will be released around the hour of play. The priority is to put Messi on the starting line.

In the middle there are choices. There are Gueye and Herrera who have been huge since the start of the season with a lot of activity. PSG will need midfielders that run with the three in front. Besides the individualities, this Tuesday I’m waiting for Pochettino to collectively put a style in place. “

“They have to transcend themselves. Considering everything that is happening at the moment and the start of the season a bit special in the Champions League. They missed it. The Champions League opener This Tuesday they play against an opponent who is level, at the highest level Manchester City played the final last season and they are used to playing big matches in the league as well as in the Champions League. PSG have an obligation to play a big game if they want to have more chances of passing the first round. A draw in the first match and a loss or draw today and they would be in trouble. After that I think PSG has the players for tonight, the players who want and have to show. The question arises of find out if they will be able to raise the level and I think so. “

Let’s go for the special show of “Rothen s’flamme” on RMC, live from the Parc des Princes, with Jà © rôme Rothen, Nicolas Anelka, Jean-Michel Larquà © and Jean-Louis Tourre. With all the info on the PSG-Manchester City shock!

The scent of great evenings at the Parc des Princes. After their draw in Bruges (1-1), PSG are already under pressure for the reception of Manchester City this Tuesday evening in the Champions League. Lionel Messi, recovered from his injury, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé are eagerly awaited against the collective of Pep Guardiola. Follow the match live with RMC Sport! On TV, it’s of course on RMC Sport 1!