May 4, 2021 at 7:45 PM by Adrien Inquimbert

The PSG girls were eliminated on Sunday, May 2, by Barcelona players who were much more dominant (2-1 on the return trip, after a draw in the first leg). The Parisiennes will therefore not see a third Champions League final this year, against Chelsea, who qualified in the other half. And their club will not touch the reward bonuses for the finalists and winners of the competition.

To the team that will win the tournament, Barcelona or Chelsea, UEFA will pay a reward of 150,000 euros, which will be 100,000 euros for the defeated side. Losing a round earlier is worth, for the club of the capital, a bonus of 85,000 euros, identical to Bayern Munich. To this, UEFA adds compensation as the tournament progresses, depending on whether the teams receive (€ 20,000) or whether they travel (€ 45,000).

These sums seem ridiculous when compared to those of the boys. By comparison, PSG’s 2020 campaign brought in more than 162 million euros for the French champion club. But there is good news, since UEFA announces that it will increase its prize money from the next 2021-22 edition, up to possibly 1.4 million euros, paid to the team that will win the Champions League.