In Poissy (78), the work of the future PSG training center continues to advance. Despite some delays, the club has set itself a target of 22 months for professional footballers to enter the new building.

It is a project that Paris-Saint-Germain has been carrying at arm’s length since 2016. The “training center” of Poissy, the next training center that the club finances 100%.

Even if the club of the capital does not want to admit it too much, the construction site of the training center is behind schedule. Between archaeological excavations, the health crisis and the shortage of raw materials, Paris-Saint-Germain had to review its plans and its work phases for this center which will extend over 74 hectares.

Since this summer, the earthworks of the land have been completed. We had to move 800,000 m3 of earth. Now the cranes are starting to set up to consider the construction of the training center for professional players and the training center. Nicolas Ramillon, is the Real Estate Director of Paris Saint-Germain:

The PSG Training Center is making great strides. Thanks to the mobilization of all the teams and partners, we have been able to demonstrate agility and manage the health crisis. Our site, the second largest in the Paris region, has never been interrupted. We are all mobilized to open the first team building in 22 months.

Normally the training center as a whole should have been set up in 2022. The delays therefore obliged to review the copy of the project in three phases. The first is to see the pros settle in June 2023. The second phase will begin in 2024 with the construction of the judo and handball part and finally phase three will see the construction of a stadium with 3,000 seats (adjustable to 5,000). … but for the moment no date has been announced for this last building.

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