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BENGALURU: The Karnataka Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the state government to issue instructions to all district judges so that they can carry out their duties to assist the elderly with regard to the regular payment of pensions and medical assistance to ensure timely support on Covid-19.

A department bank led by Supreme Judge Abhay Shreeniwas Oka and Judge Suraj Govindaraj said the state government was bound by the Supreme Court order that pensions must be paid regularly to seniors. Therefore, the state government should enforce the order also for retirees who are unable to meet the officials personally in order to comply with the procedure such as the annual submission of a “life certificate” etc., the court ordered.

In the context of Covid-19 and a sudden surge in cases, the state government must make every effort to comply with Section 20 of the Parental and Elderly Care Act, especially in Covid Care Centers and Covid Hospitals. The government should advise all concerned to consider Section 20 on the protection of the life and property of the elderly, the court ordered.

According to Section 20, the state government should ensure that state hospitals or hospitals that are wholly or partially covered by she will be funded to provide beds for all seniors as far as possible; Separate queues should be set up for seniors. The possibility of treating chronic, terminal and degenerative diseases will be expanded for them. Research into chronic elderly diseases and aging will be expanded, and eventually each county hospital will have dedicated facilities for geriatric patients, properly managed by a doctor experienced in geriatric care.

The court issued the order in response on a PIL filed by Akhila Karnataka Vayovruddhara Okkuta in 2020, alerting the court to the delay in paying pensions and other issues seniors face during the pandemic.

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