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(Left to right) Irish actors Osaro, Katie O’Kelly, Donal O’Kelly, Marion O’Dwyer, Rachael Dowling, Stephen Rea, Maria Hayden, Madi O’Carroll and Sinead Murphy protest in front of 15 Usher’s Island in Dublin, known as the House of the Dead

Source: Niall Carson via PA Images

ACTORS AND ARTISTS have protested in front of a Grade I listed building associated with James Joyce because it is to be converted into a tourist hotel.

There were hopes that the ” House of the Dead ”would be converted into a cultural communal space, but Pleanala gave permission to convert it into a 54-bed tourist hostel Often referred to as one of the greatest short stories of all time.

It was originally owned by Joyce’s great aunts and is now a place of international cultural and literary importance.

Actors involved in today’s protest included the Oscar nominee Stephen Rea and actor from the original John Huston film The Dead. Rachael Dowling and Maria Hayden also took part in the protest.

A letter from Oscar winner Anjelica Huston was also read on the steps of the house.

Katie O’Kelly, playwright and actress, said, “Me think The Dead speaks for itself – the language in it is so beautiful.

“It’s a perfect snapshot of what was then Dublin. I find it so sad to lose this building. History survived 200 years.

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“I was very young and it was shot on a stage in California and the inside of this lovely house was beautifully recreated,” added Dowling.

“It was lovingly and beautifully recreated. This page is still with us, it’s not deconstructed. What we have is a glorious icon.

“For anyone who comes here to the site of what is perhaps the greatest story ever written, it’s a piece of cake to keep it.”

Donal O’Kelly, Playwright and actor, said: “This house has been very close to my heart since I read the story.

” It takes place in this building. It’s like a microcosm of turn-of-the-century Irish life.

“It would be a fantastic thing to be preserved. I would prefer this to be a public space where ideas could be expressed. ”

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Protest in front of James Joyce’s “House of the Dead” over plans to convert it into a hostel