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Project Zero – Fatal Frame for close friends – is back! Finally, it’s quickly said. Above all, this is the latest installment, the fifth, which is releasing again on just about every machine at the moment, next-gen included. With us, to honor what is no longer a WiiU exclusive, we played it on Switch, and we’ll tell you all about it!

Project Zero at 20! Plus, it’s Halloween very soon! The perfect opportunity for Tecmo Koei to try to sell us one of their old babies, probably not sold enough because it was released only on Wii U at the end of 2015, and the last opus to date in the saga. Now is perhaps the time to test the market to see if this license is still as popular … Anyway. We played there. Is it still worth it? Can he get by without the atypical Wii U Gamepad? You will be entitled to your answers after these few minutes of reading.

First of all, be aware that Project Zero: The Priestess of the Black Waters will only be available for download in our lands. A bad for a good as the only edition to be released with us 6 years ago – a collector with Steelbook – was then difficult to find and is now fetching insane prices on second-hand resale sites. And on the program today, two bundles: a simple edition sold for 40 € when it was released, and a “dematerialized collector” with digital artbook – we haven’t seen it – and costumes of the former characters in downloadable bonus content for 55 €. It’s up to you to see if you are ready to pay an additional € 15 to take advantage of these meager supplements. If you still want a box that will take up space on your shelves, know that the game is released in a “retail” version in Japan and Asia, but only on PS4 and Switch. And if the merchant sites mention a Day One patch which will add the English language, which is therefore not on the basic cartridge, no mention is made of the French texts – available in the European digital version – nor of the artbook or DLC costumes. The import bet is therefore risky.

In any case, who says Tecmo Koei game says slightly rogue game. And this Project Zero is no exception to the rule. The two heroines are necessarily very sexy, and dressed very short. And the water everywhere in the game discreetly lets the T-shirts get wet! The game had also been talked about when it was released in the West, when he saw two costumes cut off, which allowed the heroines to walk around in fine lingerie. We were then living the beginning of a change of times on the issue of excessive hypersexualization, and it continues today. In compensation for this self-censorship, players around the world received two other outfits, one from Zelda, and another from Samus Aran’s Zero Suit, imagined by these Team Ninja rogues in Metroid: Other M. already know that these two outfits are missing from this release. Instead, you’ll be treated to quite a few other outfits, including punk, goth, sportswear and swimwear, with some family color swaps to increase the number of second-hand clothes available. Censored costumes – unless you use a mod on PC – will therefore forever remain Japanese Wii U exclusives. Evil for good, we tell you.

In addition to these new costumes, you will also have another bonus to include in the novelties to put in your mouths: a photo mode, rather classy since you can place a bit of all the ghosts you want, choose the pose of your characters as well. as multiple filters. A shame with this gameplay that revolves around the camera! Also, a heroine from the Dead or Alive series will give you a hello by becoming playable after the adventure has ended, but this bonus was already present 6 years ago. In terms of atmosphere, it still works just as well, the sets are as creepy as you want, as is the soundtrack, and as long as you are sensitive to ghost stories, there is something to be scared of. In terms of playability, it’s a little less the panacea: the Gamepad is absent, but the gyroscopic controls are still present. Some gameplay spins are a bit dated with a single screen, but to hell with motion gaming, the game is doing great without it. On the other hand, it should be noted that despite an arcade side, even rail shooter since your character often advances alone, or you have to photograph the hidden ghosts at the right time without missing them – Pokémon Snap would not deny – in order to earn points for buy peloche and costumes, the overall pace remains slow, very slow. In addition, the exploration remains very “corridor”, even if the exteriors compensate a little for this state of affairs.

All that’s left is to talk about rags, and if we would have liked to tell you that everything was going wrong, unfortunately this will not be the case. Already, in the original material, the camera is capricious: it allows itself small “jumps” when you change angles, and regularly gets stuck in the corners of the corridors. Technically, it’s not crazy, and mini freezes of a few fractions of a second, fairly regular on Switch, add to the mess of the camera an overlay that we would have done well without. Horror is not artistic, it is technical. Also note that the graphics are starting to date a little, but that it remains generally drinkable, even sometimes quite pleasant for the retina. Finally, Switch specificity, HD vibrations are once again doing their job quite well.

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