Reconciliation or cold war ‘Princes Harry and William together unveil a statue on Thursday in tribute to their mother Lady Di, in the gardens of London Palace in Kensington and in small groups, an opportunity to test their relationship.

The Princess of Wales, born Diana Spencer, who died in a car crash in Paris in 1997, would have turned 60 on Thursday. The statue, made by Ian Rank-Broadley, will be unveiled in the “buried garden” of Kensington, his former residence and that of his son William, heir to the crown, in the presence – Covid-19 requires – of around thirty people only, including members of the Spencer family.
Prince Charles, whom she married 40 years ago on July 29 and from whom she divorced in 1996, should not participate in the ceremony, according to one of her relatives quoted by the Sunday Times, so as not to “wake up d ‘old wounds’.
More than 24 years after her death, the myth of Lady Di lives on: her car was auctioned for some 60,000 euros at a museum in South America this week, she is still considered a fashion icon and her dresses are regularly exhibited in the UK – a phenomenon fostered by The Crown series.

But more than the tribute to the princess, the stake of the ceremony is to know if the reunion of the two brothers can appease the crisis caused by the sensational exit of Harry from his role within the royal family, and the resounding interview. given with his wife Meghan Markle to the star of the American screens Oprah Winfrey, broadcast in March.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, particularly offended the royal family by suggesting in their interview river that one of its members had behaved in a racist way while wondering before his birth about the color of skin of their son Archie.
Members of the royal family “are absolutely not racist,” replied Prince William, 39, questioned shortly after on the sidelines of an official event.
Likewise, being described by his 36-year-old little brother as “trapped” by the royal family must not have been to the taste of an elder promised to the heavy office of king.
The two brothers have since briefly reunited at Prince Philip’s funeral in April, but with no apparent sign that tensions have eased.
William did not speak to Harry at the reception at Windsor Castle following the funeral for fear that the content of the conversation would be immediately disclosed by Meghan through Oprah Winfrey or the Sussex network “, assures Robert Lacey, specialist of the royal family, in a book which has just been released, entitled” The Battle of the two brothers “.

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Harry would have said: I can’t stand Meghan anymore, she’s a hysterical premiere, at first it’s funny in bed, but now it’s exhausting, in addition she is not really white white and between us as an actress she not worth a kopeck …
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