Prime Day has surprises in store for us and this Bose Solo 5 soundbar is one of them. It is in reduction and goes below the 140â ?? ¬ bar!

This model has never been at such a low price! Yes, the Bose Solo 5 sound bar is coming down again at a very affordable price! These Prime Days are an opportunity to take advantage of exclusive and exceptional discounts. Amazon is often used to this and positions itself at very competitive prices on sound bars and sound systems in general.

Soundbars have become more popular with home theaters thanks in particular to the space saving they allow and the truly excellent sound quality given their compactness and lower price. Indeed, in recent years, these audio solutions have welcomed many new technologies that treat sound reproduction in a much more optimal way. Some models even compete with high-end products on the market!

The Bose Solo 5 is particularly compact with its dimensions of 7.0 x 54.8 x 8.6 cm for a weight of 1.69 kg. It can easily be housed under any wired TV, with a Bluetooth connection. It has several wired inputs (optical audio, coaxial audio and 3.5mm auxiliary input).

The Bose Solo 5 TV sound system significantly improves the sound quality of your content and your various favorite TV programs. It is designed to reproduce all kinds of sounds, from dialogue to details, from ambient sound to music.

The sound is clearer thanks to the dialogue mode which makes each word more audible. This sound bar is very versatile and adapts perfectly to your style. This Blutooth connection allows you to remove some stray wires that clutter the back of your TV. You can also listen to your favorite music by connecting your music streaming accounts through your connected TV or smartphone. A universal remote control is included in this offer and will allow you to control your TV bass modules, and even Bluetooth devices! The Bluetooth connection guarantees stable operation up to 9 meters. is published by Webedia.
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