Direction Savoie for France 3. The channel is rebroadcasting the TV movie Péril Blanc this Saturday, December 25, 2021, at 10:40 pm. French fiction is carried by the tandem Armelle Deutsch (Le Tueur du Lac, Le Secret d’Élise) – Christophe Malavoy (Mystère Place Vendôme). It is directed by Alain Berlinier, to whom it owes several episodes of the Clara Sheller series.

The peaceful Savoyard resort of Méribel is about to start its winter season when we find the corpse of a man covered with a wolf skin at the top of a chairlift. The investigators Clara and George Kessler, father and daughter, are certain that the crime is linked to the fight between ranchers and environmentalists that has raged since the reintroduction of the wolf in the valley. In the village, the craziest theories circulate. What if a werewolf terrorized the area? However, this murder could well reveal buried secrets that directly affect the Kesslers, secrets that are in no way supernatural …

When it was first broadcast in January 2018, the fiction had attracted 4,476,000 viewers, or 19.5% of the public. A nice score which had allowed France 3 to climb to the top of the evening.

La Promesse (TF1) – Lorànt Deutsch: “I waited 17 years to work with Olivier Marchal!”

Death of Nick McGlashan, fisherman of Peril on the high seas (Discovery Channel) at 33

France 3 mise is offering this evening the thriller Les bois maudits with the duo Blandine Bellavoir – Samir Boitard, to be discovered at 9:05 pm. What do the critics think?

The semi-final of the “Meilleur Pâtissier” did not go as planned for the viewers of M6 this Thursday, December 23 …

The actress once again caused a sensation on the Web by unveiling an unprecedented snapshot of her, in a bikini. Zoom.

This December 22, a member of the government tweeted about season 2 of Emily in Paris!

Looking for a resort where to go on vacation this winter? Let yourself be seduced by the authentic and exotic charm of Courmayeur Mont-Blanc, in the Italian Alps …

TF1 is broadcasting the legendary Jurassic Park film this Friday, December 24 from 1:55 p.m. A feature film around dinosaurs in which we find Jeff Goldblum. The actor, who has regained a very good popularity rating in recent years, has always been considered a great seducer. We invite you to discover (or rediscover) which women have capsized the heart of the actor.

You may be entitled to a pleasant Christmas Eve if you follow these 7 rules set out by Didier Pourquery, author of “Save the debate”.

It is always better to plan too much than not enough. It is with this idea in mind that you have prepared your holiday meals to delight your guests. Problem, you end up with all kinds of scraps on your hands without knowing what to do with it. Instead of throwing it away, here’s what you can do with it.

The giant James Webb telescope is on its way to its orbit a million and a half kilometers from Earth: if all goes well, the telescope should be operational in June 2022

In a publication relayed on her Instagram account this Friday, December 24, Vitaa surrounded herself with her children to wish her community a happy Christmas.

L’ANTISECHE – During this holiday season, he is the king of salons. But where does the tradition of the Christmas tree come from? Every day, the JDD cheat sheet answers a not-so-stupid question, to better understand the news.

WISHES – The Head of State was forced to cancel his trip to Mali because of the health situation

A bittersweet Christmas. This Friday, December 24, Julien Courbet seized his Twitter account to pay tribute to his mother, who died in July 2021.

A small Indonesian community celebrates Christmas with traditional birth of Christ puppet shows, as the pandemic prevents most public performances.

“The Grinch”, “Elf”? Here is the ranking of the Christmas films that have generated the most revenue worldwide, relayed by “20Minutes”.

Lifting a piece of her white dress, the bride climbs the rubble amid the ruins of Old Mosul. “Action!” launches the apprentice director, an Iraqi student just introduced to cinema in the former jihadist stronghold.

He will certainly be on many tables at the end of the year. Champagne, a must-have drink for Christmas celebrations, delights more than one. But what we do not know is that it especially awakens all the senses in the brain and is particularly complex for our body to analyze. This is what a doctor in neuroscience explained to the microphone of Europe 1.

On the occasion of Christmas, the stars went there for their family photos to celebrate the holidays, especially on New Year’s Eve. Closer invites you to discover them!

COUCOU – A Christmas message from the US President is co-signed by his wife Jill, both devout Catholics.