Shortage, weather, transport costs and even speculations on certain raw materials, all of which are likely to increase the bill for shopping in supermarkets in the coming days. are coming. On BFMTV, Michel-Edouard Leclerc denounces the intention of manufacturers to increase the prices of food products by up to 20%.

For the leader, these increases are not all caused by inflation on raw materials or droughts. They believe that manufacturers are speculating and profiting from the crisis.

To thwart these methods, the center boss Leclerc warns that he will play his role “twice” to curb these increases.

“If we do nothing, the pasta will increase by 23%, so ‘hello supermarkets’. Usually everyone shoots at the purchasing centers. We have instructed the Leclerc teams to do not let the speculative increases pass. We are going to crush the multinationals, “announces Michel-Edouard Leclerc.

The leader believes that the consumer understands that it is sometimes necessary to pay more “for French agriculture, for better eating, for ecology, for the energy transition”.

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