Guest of the RTL-Le Figaro-LCI Grand Jury, the European Brexit negotiator called on the right to create a “collective force”.

He doesn’t want to be seen as a “moderate”, but rather expresses himself with his “tone” and “method”. Guest of the “Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI”, the European negotiator of Brexit, Michel Barnier shared his “ambition” for France. An ambition which notably involves the fight against insecurity, which he considers “the main failure of this five-year period”. The member of the Republicans thus presented “answers to the concerns of the French”, ranging from additional resources allocated to the police to more criminal responses. rigorous.

Above all, Michel Barnier surprised by calling for a moratorium on immigration for a period of three to five years, making it possible to “take a step back”. “We must stop family reunification, put the procedures to grant a certain number of residence permits. We must take the time to rebuild a national consensus “, developed the former minister.

A strong position that immediately earned him suspicions of proximity to the candidate of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen. Assuring to have “no complacency with the theses” of the leader of the party to the flame, the European negotiator asserted that he did not need to “compare himself and outbid each other’s programs. “

Outlining himself the outline of a presidential program, one year from the final deadline, Michel Barnier did not want to clarify his intentions either. “This is not the time for individual steps,” he repeated, urging his political family to put “the talents around the table” to make it “a force collective ”. “I have an immense ambition for our country”, however declared Michel Barnier, in a context which he considers marked by a “new savagery”.

“There is a risk of explosion because there are real big bills in our country, especially on the issue of immigration. (…) I do not want to be a spectator, I want to be an actor in the political debate of our country “, he slipped, without failing to criticize the action of the government. “I do not see the line”, he lambasted, aiming in particular at the referendum on ecology promised by Emmanuel Macron (see above). And to conclude: “There is a form of precipitation, feverishness or uncertainty.”

the 05/09/2021 at 19:26

the LREM-compatible fake right and its karcher promises as they give you a garbage collector! Barnier is a pure centrist, so thank you but no thank you I prefer to vote to the right of the center so RN!

the 05/09/2021 at 19:22

the 05/09/2021 at 19:22

If he does not propose an immediate referendum on security and immigration, he has no chance of having my vote and that of those around me. Their credibility is definitely lost ……..