Indeed, before Emmanuel Macron, we had professionals and we cannot say that the record is good over twenty years: deindustrialisation, deficits, taxes … Emmanuel Macron is an amateur in the sense that he happens to head of state without ever running a local government or running for office, but that doesn’t mean quality. I also use this word because he himself used it, telling his friends “Be proud to be lovers!” In my mind, this is not at all negative, it is an observation.

When we see a power lower at the same time the wealth tax and the APL, that is to say reduce the tax bill of those who have the most and reduce the help of those who have the least, we say to ourselves that it is curious. We see that it is through a lack of mastery of government mechanics that power has worked in this way at the start, which immediately created a very strong image. ¨s negative.

Fortunately, each individual keeps their mystery. Then, we understood that what Emmanuel Macron set in motion, was a certain sense of spectacle, of adventure, while on the other hand Edouard Philippe is more needy, more rigid.

We also understood that Emmanuel Macron was nourished by a certain enthusiasm, thinking that his charm was a weapon against all obstacles, but unfortunately our complex societies cannot not allow the charm to solve all the problems.

He himself has also understood a lot about government action. He measured the difficulty, the number of surprises that assail you every morning and prevent you from keeping the schedule of action that had been established.

François Bayrou provided decisive support to Emmanuel Macron in February 2017. He brings him electoral capital that will put him in the lead in the voting intentions, he brings him local elected officials , a party, a political know-how.

François Bayrou married Emmanuel Macron’s project. In good faith, he thought that if Emmanuel Macron offered him to be prime minister, he would accept. But that didn’t happen. He didn’t complain about it, it’s like political life.

Since the dawn of time. What do we call political life? These are people who dedicate themselves to managing the interests of the community, ensuring security, the functioning of public services, education … is cruel, yes, because politics is the conquest of power. It is cruel as it is in companies, but simply, it shows since it is public. It happens under the gaze of people. There is often also a lack of recognition for the action taken. People are severe when they judge a record, an action. You have to put up with it all. The reward for it all is the prestige of the office, the feeling of doing something for the country, which is gratifying. But when you weigh the scales sometimes, there are a lot of sorrows and few joys in political action.

Sure enough, he found the slope a bit steep when he was at the Home Office. Already in 2014, during his third municipal campaign in Lyon, he had a lack of appetite, he had broken down. He is on the verge of giving up, he has a fault in him.

When he settles in Place Beauvau, he does not feel well, he has a bad relationship with the Prime Minister, he is very often in Lyon. His failure is visible and spotted when the Benalla affair broke, the minister almost found himself absent subscribers.

Nicolas Sarkozy is a character that we know or that we think we know and who always has elements of surprise in his attitudes.

The words are harsh, but I did not feel in danger or particularly attacked. He just expressed a bad mood with a bit of excess.

Yes, a few … With various reactionsâ ?? ¦ (laughs) It’s like a movie or a play, there are some who love and others who love less.

Impossible to say. Amateurs will no longer be considered amateurs. The inexperienced side of Emmanuel Macron was also considered as a source of hope by many readers since the former, professionals , had failed.

Emmanuel Macron arrived with a freshness that suggested that perhaps he would do better than his predecessors. In a few months, the French will judge Emmanuel Macron on his record.

We still lack elements of appreciation, especially those who will oppose him, to imagine what will happen.

Yes he can. The likelihood of him being a candidate is high. He will try to impose the themes that are his: immigration, Islam in the countryside. But he is very excessive and can say very shocking things. However, it is not the same to say them as a journalist or as a candidate for the presidential election. If he has a good command of his speech and his proposals, he can capitalize part of the votes that would go to other candidates. He would then become a disruptor. But if he is awkward in his expression, he can be sidelined in the debate.

What is obvious already and already, is that the French society worried about a thousand things has found with Eric Zemmour someone which expresses a feeling of fear of immigration, of Islam, of Muslims, which is not marginal.

That said, I also try in these pages to describe an evolution in Eric Zemmour. He is noticed for misogynistic and homophobic, violent or even stupid remarks, in particular in his book “The first sex”. Then he realizes, from a marketing standpoint, that he’s never going to be popular on that line, so he ditched those topics and put both feet in the washing machine there. immigration where it is absolute violence, such as these comments made in 2016 where he explains that Muslims, whether they say it or not, think jihadists are good Muslims. It is elastic and I find that we are well tolerant with such excesses.

What shocks me the most is the loss of values. Eric Zemmour has been convicted several times by French justice for inciting racial hatred and it is as if the judges had blown a pipe.

He is widely given the floor. Other people condemned in this way in France have disappeared from the public landscape. Conversely, the more he is condemned, the more programs he is given, why do we act like this? The more judges sanction it, the more they strengthen it in the eyes of media decision-makers. This remains a source of questioning for me. We are very unfaithful to the values ​​that are proclaimed every day.

Jean-Michel Aphatie who, when it is pointed out to him that he certainly earns a lot, much more than a supermarket cashier by asking him to also indicate his income, answers that he “does not has nothing to reveal and that all the money he earns, he deserves it “…

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France Inter and L Salamé will not prevent Zemmour from eliminating M Le Pen from the first round, Ruquier even less contrary to their wishes.
These two would be happy to see La Marine in the 2nd round to allow Macron to easily win.
Zemmour’s goal is to bring down Macron in the 2nd round which he believes has damaged France but not to win the Presidential.

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About the polemicist EZ we read “Conversely, him, the more he is condemned, the more shows he is given”, because he gets the ratings ” whatever the cost “by doing business? In the tv show “On est en Direct” on la 2 tonight with Laurent Ruquier and Là © a Salamà ©, he was laid bare, his arguments washed out, squeezed out again coming out again grayer than gray. In the event of an application, to avoid any deception on the merchandise, it would be an act of public health to rebroadcast at a prime time, this very useful public service TV moment?

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