The Communist candidate defends his candidacy, wanting to be the man of the defense “of purchasing power, wages and employment”, and defends his desire for union with France Insubordinate to the legislative elections, but not to the presidential election .

“The left is weak because it weighs only 20% of the vote,” Fabien Roussel said on Saturday August 28 on Franceinfo on Franceinfo. According to him, the stake for the PCF, the PS and rebellious France is not to come together for the presidential election but to succeed in convincing each one on his side so that “all that, added together, makes at least 50%” . “My goal is not to pick up voters from anyone on the left, it’s to get new ones.”

Fabien Roussel: For me, there is a big problem in this comeback. It is the question of purchasing power and cost of living. I want to be able to be tomorrow the President of the Republic who will prioritize the issue of purchasing power, wages and employment. This morning, I went to meet Carrefour employees in Port-de-Bouc. I have seen cashiers who receive a salary of 1,200 euros net, after 12 to 15 years of seniority. It is no longer tolerable. These men and women are in many exploited professions and cannot live with dignity from their work. I want to protect the work of the French, protect their purchasing power and make proposals in this direction.

Why are you ready to unite with rebellious France or other left-wing parties in the National Assembly, but not for the presidential election?

These are very different elections. The challenge for the various left-wing candidates is to convince those who today shun the ballot box. On the left as well as on the right, there will be several candidates, because there are different proposals, different social projects. Today, the left is weak because it weighs in total only 20% of the vote. That is not a majority to lead the country! The stake is that each of us would convince many voters and that all that, added up, makes at least 50%. We Communists challenge this capitalist system which exploits people and the planet. If we want to respond to the climate emergency, we must get out of this system.

“My project is to challenge this liberal model and to put in place an economic, social, ecological model that meets human needs. It is my difference with the other forces on the left and the other candidates on the left.”

Are there all the same discussions between you, rebellious France and the Socialist Party?

We discuss regularly, constantly, our projects, our differences, what brings us together and subjects on which we do not agree. But my goal is not to go and pick up voters from anyone on the left. It is to go and look for new ones. This is what we must do on the left to strengthen ourselves collectively. The goal is for one of us to get to the second round and then come together. The objective is also to succeed in agreeing on a common commitment pact in the legislative elections. Here too, in the 577 constituencies, to elect the most left-wing deputies to the National Assembly. You see, I am in a spirit of unification, of openness.

I wish to be benevolent in this campaign and especially to speak about our project for France.

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