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More than 50,000 people have – for the moment – registered to vote in the primary of environmentalists whose first round will take place next week from September 16 to 19. Delphine Batho, Yannick Jadot, Jean-Marc Governatori, Eric Piolle, Sandrine Rousseau: the five candidates debated peacefully on television on Wednesday evening about their vision of ecology, nuclear power, or secularism. But it is particularly on the issue of decline that the candidates have marked their difference.

Degrowth is the axis of Delphine Batho’s campaign: “We talk about what the social project is, after which we run. Do we think that there are no limits, that we can continue to consume more and more energy, always more raw materials or do we open our eyes and we are realistic and that we can understand that we must organize the return to a neutral ecological footprint ”. The member is pushing her competitors to their limits. Yannick Jadot kicks in touch: “I don’t want a theoretical debate, in front of the French where they get lost each time. I want them to understand that ecology will answer their everyday problems. “

Eric Piolle is not very comfortable: “I am not a fan of the term degrowth. My rationalistic engineering brain couldn’t see the growth in GDP, that seemed completely absurd to me. Degrowth, I’m not a fan of the term either ”. Even less a fan, the centrist ecologist Jean-Marc Governatori, for his part, wants to “reconcile ecology and the economy”: “The subject is to have human activity compatible with the biosphere whose objectives are employment and total health ”.

As for Sandrine Rousseau, she has other priorities: “We absolutely need to review taxation and ensure that we develop public services, culture and emancipation products. At the end of the day, I don’t know if that makes for growth or decrease, and in the end, that’s not the point. ” A subject which nevertheless imposes itself as central in this primary.

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