The niece of Marine Le Pen admits to being in a “somewhat delicate situation”, between her desire not to “harm the countryside” of her aunt and her keen interest in ideas of the polemicist.

An additional pebble in Marine Le Pen’s boot. TO?? Following her speech during the first day of a summit on demography organized in Hungary, Marion Marà © chal spoke on Ã? ric Zemmour, “An interesting man for the public debate, by his way of approaching the subjects”.

For the former FN deputy of Vaucluse, Eric Zemmour “will force the presidential debate to be also on subjects like identity”, but also on the immigration and culture. According to her, the non-candidate should “shake up everyone a bit”, and prevent political discussions from “purring around the Covid until next April”.

The controversy, who is considering a 2022 presidential candidacy, will also be in Budapest on Friday. He has responded favorably to an invitation from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for a tete-a-tete, and will then also participate in the demography forum. Marion Marà © chal also says she is “delighted” to see him on this occasion, because he is someone she “knows well” and that she “appreciates”.

Asked about the personality she would support for the ballot of next year, Marion Marà © chal slipped, with a smile, that she wished to remain “out of the game”. The young retiree from political life admits, however, to be in a “somewhat delicate situation”, divided between her desire not to “harm Marine Le Pen’s campaign”, and her keen interest in the ideas and theses of Eric Zemmour. Without taking a position for one or the other, she is therefore content to recall that “anything can happen in a presidential campaign”. “I will not venture to say that the scenario of the second round is over,” she concludes mysteriously.

On the sidelines of a trip to Metz (Moselle), Marine Le Pen replied to her niece that the latter “may no longer have the necessary sensors”. The candidate of the National Rally goes so far as to consider that “this estrangement from the political field probably makes her think that the media agitation corresponds to political reality”. Marine Le Pen does not believe it.

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the 23/09/2021 at 17:43

A priori the photos would not have been stolen: it is undoubtedly a intended setting. The conclusion is clear: it is timely to self-scuttle a future pre-planned campaign residential. Zemmour candidate? But he never wanted to, it seems.

the 23/09/2021 at 17:43

the zemmour fireworks will turn into a wet slippery within 3 months !! NAVY WILL BOUNCE STRONG !!!

the 09/23/2021 at 5:33 PM

I get it, Zemmour puts the real issues on the table without a joke, even though I don’t agree with everything, it’s interesting to hear his arguments.