As expected, Anne Hidalgo made her declaration of candidacy for the presidential election this Sunday morning in Rouen. Saying that she wants to reunify a country fractured by crises, the mayor of Paris is now seeking to break away from her image as an elected representative centered on the capital.

“Today, I am ready”. As expected, Anne Hidalgo declared her candidacy for the presidential election this Sunday morning. For this announcement, the mayor of Paris had chosen Rouen, a city symbolizing the themes she wishes to impose in the campaign. It is also a way of breaking away from its image centered on the capital.

In a very personal speech, Anne Hidalgo returned to her family background, citing her parents, modest Spanish emigrants who came to France to “offer an education” to their two daughters: “I want all children in France to have the same chance as the one that was given to me ”, declared the mayor of Paris.

It is therefore on the quays of Rouen, with the Seine and the cranes of the industrial port in the background, that the now candidate presented the sketches of her project. A place chosen “after a long reflection” according to his entourage, which illustrates themes dear to the mayor of Paris, such as deindustrialisation and ecological transition. It is also the city of the young socialist mayor Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, who is part of his “team of mayors and elected officials of France”.

Without denying her experience as mayor of Paris, evoking the “hardships” that were the attacks of 2015 and the health crisis as a councilor, Anne Hidalgo tried to give herself a national dimension. “I traveled through France, I went to meet the French,” she assured. Nourished by these meetings, she says she is “worried” to see the country so fractured, deploring that “the republican model is disintegrating before our eyes”.

A finding that she explains in part by the attitude of power: “I want to start by putting an end to the contempt, arrogance, disdain, condescension of those who know our lives so poorly but decide far from us, everything, all the time, without us, ”she said. Without naming it, she criticized Emmanuel Macron for “dividing the French”, for “deepening inequalities” and for having abandoned all ambition in terms of ecology.

As an illustration of this latent tension in the country, a handful of demonstrators tried to disrupt the meeting by breaking in at the end of the quay. Armed with smoke, they unfurled a banner reading “Halte au saccage de Paris.” Yesterday Paris, tomorrow France? “. From her desk, Anne Hidalgo remained unfazed, focused on her speech.

If the incident lasted only a few moments, it gives a foretaste of the complicated campaign that awaits the mayor of Paris, in particular with the multiplication of candidates on the left and polls which do not exceed the bar for the moment. of 10%.

This official announcement of candidacy, Anne Hidalgo, who will also be the guest of 20 hours of France 2 this Sunday evening, is now entering a new phase of her campaign. Her book “A French Woman” is expected for September 15, and her candidacy will be endorsed at the end of the month by an internal vote by socialist activists.

Then, autumn will be decisive. “Now that it has been declared and that it has ensured the support of its political family, we will have to convince and bring together”, analyzes those around him, hoping that the candidate’s future proposals will enable a dynamic to be triggered in opinion and take the leadership left before the home stretch of the campaign.

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