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Officially candidates or not, everyone is preparing behind the scenes: sponsorships, funding, posters, meetings or programs … The teams are hard at work everywhere for a campaign that will start on top of the wheels from the first days of January.

It is not official and yet the presidential campaign has been underway for several weeks already. In the presidential entourage, this evidence, in early November, prompted some to plead for a declaration of candidacy extremely early. “This will contrast with what has been done so far and it would have the merit of a certain honesty,” explained a minister. Who added: “There is something a little ridiculous in not saying anything about his intentions when the leaflets are already in print.”

However, a number of them have not officially declared themselves. The candidates for the primaries, necessarily applied. This is the case of Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot, Xavier Bertrand or even Michel Barnier … Marine Le Pen has been a long-standing candidate.

Like Jean-Luc Mélenchon who added a little coquetry: “I propose my candidacy, but there is a ‘but’: I will be a candidate if I have collected 150,000 sponsorship signatures. invested by the people, “he declared in November 2020. Today there are 260,000.

As for Eric Zemmour, his decision to start is now a matter of days. Overview.

This Monday will however mark a decisive step in the non-campaign of the President of the Republic. His troops will, in fact, be united at the Mutualité in order to launch “Ensemble Citoyens”, the structure intended to bring together the majority parties behind the head of state. The details of this “common house” have been carefully considered.

The choice of location is already quite a symbol: Emmanuel Macron gave the Mutuality its first public meeting as a future candidate for the Élysée, on July 12, 2016. The date, too, was not by chance. The meeting will be held a few days before the nomination of the Republican presidential candidate. It is a question, in the absence of declaration of candidacy, to occupy despite all the ground. To do this, ministers and deputies were also called upon to contribute. All were invited to participate in the great operation “5 years listening” intended to test the feelings of the French on the results of the five-year period and to launch some ideas for the future.

The deputies are also encouraged to return to the constituency in order to mobilize the militant troops and to speak to the French. Finally, Sébastien Lecornu has just created the “Association to support the re-election of Emmanuel Macron” which “aims to bring the campaign to the territories”.

Right-wing activists will nominate their presidential candidate at the end of the week. Once his identity is known, the campaign can begin.

Whether it is Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse, Michel Barnier, Eric Ciotti or, highly unlikely, Patrick Juvin, the nominated candidate will first have to gather the troops and appoint a campaign team representative of all the trends of the LR. In order to saturate the bandwidth and make an impression, Christian Jacob also imagined celebrating the champion, finally nominated, at a major meeting at Porte de Versailles on December 11.

For the socialist candidate, December will be decisive. Barely in the polls, it will have to accelerate. With this in mind, she launched a real Tour de France last Monday. On the menu of the socialist candidate, exchanges with farmers, traders or artisans in order to erase her still very Parisian image.

It will also have to re-mobilize the local elected officials who supported it until then and who, according to our information, are losing patience. He’s also going to have to find the money. Several banking institutions, including the historic bank of the PS, namely the Cooperative Credit, have, in fact, refused to grant him a loan. The candidate could hold a meeting in Perpignan around December 12, alongside Carole Delga.

The environmental candidate installed his campaign teams in a new HQ last Thursday, he also set up support committees in several cities in France and plans a “first public moment of the campaign” which will not be a meeting and will have held at the Gilbert-Lavoine gymnasium in Laon, in his native Aisne. He will also continue the weekly trips.

For the environmental candidate, the coming weeks will be decisive because he hopes to “corner” Anne Hidalgo in order to force her to line up behind him.

The candidate of La France insoumise published a book on Thursday containing 690 proposals. He is the first to release a detailed program in this way. It will be declined on December 5 at a meeting in the business district of La Défense, a stone’s throw from the capital, where the composition of the “People’s Union parliament” will be unveiled. A new advisory body which will meet once a month to discuss “the program, the strategy and the networking” and which is half composed of personalities from other horizons than LFI.

This statement should be followed by an interview in the 20 hours of TF1 the same evening, before a meeting in the wake at the Zenith in Paris on December 5. This big rally will also be the occasion to launch the political party of the former journalist. The logo and the name of the movement would already be acted internally. It will then be necessary to collect the 500 sponsorships that allow you to be officially a candidate. Which, for a party without local elected officials, is not easy. From December 11 to 15, the candidate will make his first international trip as a candidate in Armenia.

Last week, the relatives of the candidate of the National Rally found a smile. Their champion, long outpaced in the polls by Eric Zemmour, seemed to be picking up some air. But now she needs to widen the gap to make sure she is in the second round. The month of January will be decisive.

From the first days of the year, a presidential convention will be held, a sort of official campaign launch. In the process, it will also be the start of meetings, a priori on the model of those of the European campaign, with medium-sized rooms, in medium-sized cities, which fill up easily and without exorbitant cost. By then, the candidate will unfold her fundamentals, which is to say the security / immigration / purchasing power triptych.

What is needed for our country is a man: strong, with banter, good-natured and happy, with rosy skin who demonstrates a good local diet, courageous, a great fellow … like Willy … the great Willy schraen!

Yet even the most void are vying for his succession: Mélenchon, Zemmour, Le Pen, Ciotti. They must know the condition better than you.
Macron saved us from a beautiful m … You should be eternally grateful to him!

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