City will claim the title if they win at Crystal Palace on Saturday and runner-up Manchester United lose to Liverpool on Sunday.

File picture of Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola. AP photo

Pep Guardiola believes the Manchester City season has been “special” as the Premier League leaders are pursuing a memorable triple despite a busy schedule.

Guardiola’s side won and could win the League Cup last Sunday claim a third Premier League title in four seasons this weekend.

City is also well on the way to reaching its first Champions League final when they face Paris Saint Germain in the semi-finals next Tuesday, after taking a 2-1 lead after Wednesday’s first leg.

All of this came in a drainage campaign City began after a shortened break last season. The games took place tightly and quickly amid the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

“There are a lot of games and the problem is the shortness of time. It’s home, game, home, travel, travel, here, here, game , Game, travel, “said Guardiola.

” You can’t enjoy a game. We don’t have time to sit back for a day or two, take a break and see what happened.

“That Team was more resilient and calmer. If you play every three days you don’t have time to see things clearly because it’s next – then travel, then organize the team, then whatever.

“This is the hardest thing when you are play a lot of games, but the difference is the lockdown – our lives have changed completely – and it’s a shorter length of time.

“That’s what makes this season so special for everyone. They have already won a title close to another and played another ‘final’ on Tuesday. It was exceptional. “

” I don’t know what will happen in the last four weeks before us, but the season has already been exceptional. “

City will claim the title when they get to Crystal Palace on Saturday win and runner-up Manchester United lose to Liverpool on Sunday.

“We have an incredible title ahead of us and we have 95 percent of the chance to win it. It’s incredibly close, “he said.

” But we still need five points and I am convinced that United can win all games.

“The best thing is to focus on the next one, and after we have a ‘final’ like we did in Paris three days ago. “

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Starting in 2024, the number of teams participating in the Champions League group stage will increase from 32 to 36, as confirmed earlier this week.

“It is not sport if the relationship between effort and reward does not exist,” said Manchester City boss Guardiola of the European Super League. “It’s not a sport where success is already guaranteed. It’s not a sport if it doesn’t matter if you lose.”

Man City’s victory is an expression of their strength. Finally, Pep Guardiola, City and Abu Dhabi are within reach of what they have longed for all these years.

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