For the eleventh season of “Dance with the Stars”, the production decided to put dance back at the center of the program… and to strengthen the power of the judges. We take stock.

Some have already started training on Monday. A “intense” first day for the “Dance with the Stars” candidates, who have to work hard while waiting for the first bonus, scheduled for Friday, September 17.

After two years of interruption linked to Covid-19, the TF1 dance show is back with new features, and more simplicity. A “return to the party in the entertainment”, with a little less spectacle and glitter not to ”
make crates
“After two years of the pandemic, said Chris Marques at a press event attended by La Voix du Nord.

I think this year the production wanted to focus a little more on dance over the popular side.
», Abounds Denitsa, dancer with four victories who joined the jury. And this is why the power of the judges, Chris Marques, Denitsa Ikonomova, Jean-Paul Gaultier and François Alu, will be strengthened.

In the first two episodes, which will not be broadcast live, the judges will be the sole masters of the candidates’ fate: ”
We put real performance back at the center of the program, it’s the dance that takes precedence. If you are good you pass, if you are not good you go home
”, Summarizes Chris Marques.

A way for the production to detach itself from the fan communities of certain candidates who are very popular on social networks, such as Wejdene and his 3.6 million subscribers on Tiktok
; Michou, followed by just under 6.5 million people on YouTube, or Bilal Hassani, 561,000 subscribers on Instagram… and to give all the apprentice dancers a chance.

This is one of the great novelties of this season: during the first two episodes, the judges will be able to reward a particularly deserving candidate, by automatically qualifying him for the next bonus, without having to go through the notes box. To do this, the four of them will have to activate the famous buzzer.

“That is to say that it is so much a blow of heart that bam, the person passes directly”, details Chris Marques, who remains all the same lucid: “When they announced to me the idea of ​​the buzzer, I did not necessarily immediately understand the usefulness for me
The one who is feared for his severity laughed. “I have a hard time getting a 7 on the first show, and the guys want me to drink.”

But, as reported by our colleagues from Puremédias, the buzzer could quickly become the candidates’ nightmare. From the third bonus, it will no longer serve the same purpose: if several members of the jury activate their buzzer during the performance of a pair, they will go directly to face-to-face and risk elimination.

The face-to-face meetings will be maintained, but they will now be composed of three couples who will do everything to stay on the show: the audience will decide to save one, the jury will pick out another, and the last tandem. will be eliminated. “What we’re promising this year are twists and turns on every show,” said Chris Marques.

To add a little spice to the show, the production left out the “red room”, in which the candidates received their notes and set up a “hot seat”, a “thing that I find cruel and brilliant in at the same time, ”laughs the judge. “The whole evening the poor couple who are last are going to have to be there, sitting in front of a camera” waiting for someone else to position themselves at the bottom of the standings … and take their place.

And, as Téléloisirs reminds us, this year it will also be necessary to count on some aesthetic changes. The judges will no longer be behind their counters but in individual chairs. To dispense their notes to the candidates (only one per service), they will put aside their now famous glittery signs: the notes will appear on a screen.

For this new season with the “super-successful cast”, in which “every viewer can identify with one of the people who are there”, “I think we can eliminate any feeling of injustice. If we’re good, we’ll be in the final, ”concludes Chris Marques, visibly delighted that the judges have (finally) more power.