Francis (Gérard Jugnot), a wealthy businessman from Monaco, decides to teach his three grown children (played by Artus, Camille Lou and Louka Meliava) a lesson, who have become hateful, selfish and lazy. He then imagines a plan to embark them in Marseille, cut them off food and make them rediscover a sense of reality … Remake of the Mexican film Nosotros los nobles, Pourris Gâtés, at the cinema this September 15, is both a family chronicle. tender and funny, signed by director Nicolas Cuche (La chance de ma vie) and benefiting from a very complicit cast. Above all, this portrait of “spoiled rotten” children reminds us of certain people around us … Even sometimes, in some situations, how we were able to be ourselves! Discover the 5 clues that prove that you are “spoiled rotten”:

Gifts, whether it’s Christmas or your birthday, you don’t know what to ask for. When you are asked about what would make you happy, you kick into touch. Normal, you already have everything! You don’t yearn for anything since you already have more than what you really want. The worst part is that you now find it difficult to enjoy the simple things in life such as an improvised weekend in the great outdoors, a cinema in the middle of the afternoon … time to desire things.

Whether it is with your loved ones or at work, you can not stand being disagreed with you. Worse, (…)

Charlotte Gainsbourg dazzles the Venice Film Festival alongside Yvan Attal and their son Ben (PHOTOS) The Voyeurs (Prime Video): who is Sydney Sweeney, the young rising Hollywood star? Riders of justice (Canal Cinema): c ‘What is this action film with Mads Mikkelsen who wants to avenge his wife? Accessible TV programs: our selection of films and series in audio description from September 11 to 17Obsecs of Jean-Paul Belmondo: Alain Delon, Jean Dujardin, Michel Drucker .. All moved and gathered for a last tribute to the actor (PHOTOS)

An accomplished father, Soprano is also a happy husband on the arm of Alexia M’Roumbada. However, to meet them, the Marseille star had to conquer the heart of his beautiful despite his notoriety.

The former Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn is summoned this Friday by the Court of Justice of the Republic, with the prospect of a possible indictment for “endangering the lives of others”. Focus on a unique institution.

On Wednesday September 8, 2021, all members of the government participated in a back-to-school seminar organized at the Elysee Palace. Emmanuel Macron was rather angry with his ministers to whom he made a big point.

This year, Zendaya fans won’t have the chance to see their favorite actress walk the iconic red carpet at the MET gala.

Already mother of a little Lyana, aged three, Laetitia Milot confided to our colleagues from Magicmaman that she could not have other children because of her endometriosis.

DIAMONDS – Depending on the auction house, there are a total of between 140 and 150 carats of diamonds on the bracelets

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have requested a private interview with Queen Elizabeth II to introduce their daughter Lilibet to her. A request that worries some royal experts, who have not hesitated to sound the alarm bells.

This Thursday, September 9, a national tribute is paid to Jean-Paul Belmondo at the Invalides, in Paris. 700 guests are present for a final farewell to the Magnificent.

Saturday September 11, 2021, TF1 will broadcast the blind auditions of The Voice All Stars. While this signs the great return of Anne Sila in the tele-hook, the singer confided in the columns of Closer on her participation.

El Salvador on Tuesday became the first country to make bitcoin legal tender for any transaction, alongside the dollar that replaced the national currency, the colonist, 20 years ago.

An American team has shown that the risk of having an episode of atrial fibrillation is greatly increased by consuming alcohol, even moderate, within a few hours.

If the lifting of Britney Spears’ guardianship seems closer than ever, the legal battle between her and her father could continue.

Seen on the arm of Jean-Paul Belmondo for 20 years, Natty experienced a stormy separation with the cinema giant. So much so that she prevented her ex-husband from seeing their daughter Stella, when he was in a relationship with the sulphurous Barbara Gandolfi.

The Biden administration said on Wednesday that the sun could produce 45% of the country’s electricity by 2050, and thus play a major role in the fight against climate change, provided that it sharply accelerates investments in the ‘solar energy.

Residents of Bignay, where a young woman says she was kidnapped by her mother and sister, claim to have warned the authorities on numerous occasions.

Phil Collins made an appearance on British television this Thursday, September 9. Not really in good shape, he announced that the Genesis tour would be his last.

SCHOOLS – The Covid-19 causes many disturbances in the first degree. This is particularly the case in Les Sorinières where a cluster has been spotted

It was back to school for all school children. And this famous mother was obviously present to accompany her boy for his first day in elementary school.

German environmentalists have received several donations from wealthy entrepreneurs determined to take action on climate change. The latest? Dutch billionaire Steven Schuurman, who donated 1.25 million euros.