A moped for each action. We were waiting for Koundé, it is for the moment Rabiot who convinces laterally. To be continued.

With his brace, he is now at 109 international goals. As much as record holder Ali Daei. We’re going to pray he doesn’t pass him tonight.

And what a stop from Patricio, who pushes this attempt from afar on his post, before intervening in front of Griezmann.

Crazy match on the other side too: the Puskas Arena learns that their Hungary was equalized … then scored in Germany! 1-2!

Not for France, but for Portugal virtually eliminated at 2-1 as Hungary leads against Germany.

With this converted penalty, Cristiano Ronaldo has totaled 109 national team goals. It equals the record of Iranian Ali Daei.

Lloris is again taken on the wrong foot, on the same side. Third penalty of this match, 2-2!

Koundé’s hand on a point blank cross from Ronaldo. It is not voluntary, but it is unstuck …

Football is also played in the head (like tennis!) And things are better since the 2-1. Palhinha is late for an intervention.

Dubbed Benzema after the video check! Perfect through pass and cross shot that hits the post before entering. France leads 2-1!

For now, the Blues are at the head of Group F, ahead of Portugal and Hungary, Germany is eliminated. If the scores remain there, the Blues would face Switzerland in the round of 16, the Portuguese would play England, the Hungarians would join Belgium.

Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo come out chatting, and are the two scorers of the evening. The former Real duo struck from the penalty spot, first for Portugal and then for a French equalizer after suffering.

Tolisso cross at the second post, but Mbappé is hooked by … Benzema who can not adjust his head.

There was also a perfect counterbalance, and surly joy in front of the French supporters with a clenched fist!

Semedo prevents Mbappé from running into the box by sticking his elbow out. We’ll see that again at VAR …

It doesn’t have to do with his positioning, but it illustrates his struggles as a right-back so far. In particular, we expect him to push his actions a little more.

A bit silly yellow card: not on a fault that could have deserved one, but on a gesture of temper when the referee had told him to calm down.

Hopefully it doesn’t have a knock-on effect later in the game, but we’re flagging it down anyway.

As against Hungary, the Blues are led. Okay, now they’re sure to qualify so there’s a little less stake …

Concussion protocol at the edge of the pitch for the PSG midfielder, while CR7 prepares to take the penalty …

Lloris is late on a free-kick aerial exit, and hits Danilo’s head …

That was one of the good points from the first few games, but the three-line takes turns (or all the time in Griezmann’s case).

Is that what we say when there isn’t much going on between two big teams?

It goes ten meters from the goal, but we especially remember the small ball of Varane, who made a head in disaster while he was alone. Talk to him!

Even if Mbapp was perhaps on the edge of the offside (with VAR, you never know).

This time, Pogba’s low deep pass was perfectly balanced. The Parisian striker shoots from the entry of the box and stumbles on Rui Patricio. Mbappé might have been able to come forward a little more.

He came from afar to tackle Jota, boarding him in the process. It’s rough, but the referee doesn’t blow the whistle.

But nothing really dangerous: Renato Sanches tops his shot from afar, easily caught by Lloris.

The first of this group F will face Switzerland or Ukraine in the eighth, the second England and the third Belgium.

Rui Patricio; Semedo, Pepe, Rúben Dias, Guerreiro; Danilo, Moutinho; Renato Sanches, Bernardo Silva, Diogo Jota; Ronaldo

7,500 French supporters will be at the stadium tonight for the Portugal-France match. And they’re already setting the mood!

As announced, Tolisso slips to the right in a 4-2-3-1 pattern. Koundà © replaces Pavard, Hernandez takes his place in the left lane, in place of Digne.

Lloris – Koundà ©, Varane, Kimpembe, L. Hernandez – Kantà ©, Pogba – Tolisso, Griezmann, Mbappà © – Benzema.

Eric Di Meco has confidence in the France team and in its game … painful for the opponents.

Some stars of the Blues will try to take advantage of this shock to gain momentum, after a rather shy start to the competitionâ ?? Karim Benzema, still silent since his return to selection, must in particular show himself more effective.

This Portugal-France is always a special poster for Antoine Griezmann, who faces the homeland of his grandparents. His mother, Isabelle Lopes, will also be in the stands of the Puskas Arena.

Already qualified for the knockout stages of Euro 2021, the France team do not yet know who their opponent will be. Everything will depend on his result in the clash against Portugal. Because the final classification of group F is decisive for the rest of the table. The risk of defying England at Wembley is real.

If the France team wins against Portugal, they will finish first in their group and will face either Switzerland or Ukraine in the round of 16 of Euro 2021. But the Helvets hold the rope broadly.

Already qualified for the knockout stages of Euro 2021, the Blues challenge Portugal in Budapest this Wednesday evening (9 p.m.). Determined to make people forget their frustrating draw against Hungary (1-1), they aim for first place to avoid a cador in the next round. To be followed live with commentary on RMC Sport.

Ref: https://rmcsport.bfmtv.com