Installed for almost six months in the gymnasium of Kerantré, the vaccinodrome of Pontivy will have to pack up. The rue Jeff-Le Penven complex was made available by the City of Pontivy on March 31 to deal with the covid-19 crisis and help speed up vaccination in Central Brittany. But so as not to deprive sports associations and schools in the city of sports equipment any longer, the vaccination center will move on November 18 to the Parc des Expositions, in the Halle Safire on loan from Pontivy Communauté.

The Kerantré gymnasium was to return to its original functions on August 29. But the government announcements of July 12 and the generalization of the health pass caused an upsurge in requests for vaccination this summer: “We went from 300 appointments per day at the end of June to more than 1,000 daily injections in mid-July”, testified Chantal Gastineau, the coordinator of the vaccinodrome. Faced with this situation, the release of Kerantré was extended until November 18.

This additional delay is not trivial. “Between the loss of the regional council subsidy and the need to rent infrastructure to allow sports clubs to come back to school, this extension will cost us 16,000 euros,” said Christine Le Strat, mayor of Pontivy. “But vaccination is the only solution to get out of the health crisis and it is our duty to provide the best support”.

While waiting for the move, the vaccinodrome will be mobilized for 12-17 year olds. “More than 2,200 slots are already reserved for adolescents attending school in the Pontivy Community territory,” said Carole Brision, director of the GHCB (Center-Bretagne hospital group). From September 9 until the All Saints holidays, school bus trips will be organized from the 18 schools concerned to the Kerantré gymnasium to allow young people to quickly receive their two doses.

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