This is how this Wednesday, November 17, on the occasion of a press conference, the Haute-Vienne campaign committee “Yannick Jadot 2022” * was officially launched in the presence of its Haut-Viennese representatives as well as Limousin coordinators.

“Our campaign committee has the function of uniting activists in the territory and transmitting information down from the national level to the local level, but also to keep the campaign dynamic alive, from now on. veloppe Delphine Rochet, one of the representatives of the Haute-Vienne committee. There will be towing sessions, events, the coming of guests, a meeting certainly, etc. We intend to keep the presidential campaign alive. TO”

Around Yannick Jadot therefore, the Haut-Viennois campaign committee says “to work on a concrete and ambitious project for our country” around “several issues” repeats Pierre Baena, lâ ???? one of the coordinators at the Limousin level.

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“We support a global societal project,” poses Delphine Rochet. We wish to recall that political ecology is not simply the defense of the environment but a global societal project which concerns the lives of France. §Aises and French people and which also affects the daily life of people in Limousin in terms of housing, transport, energy poverty, social equalityâ ?? ¦ And that’s why we are launching this local campaign committee and we invite the Haut-Viennois to join us in defending this project in which we believe very strongly. TO”

(*) As a reminder, Yannick Jadot won, in September, the environmentalist primary by a short head (51.03% in the second round) against Sandrine Rousseau.

Born in Limoges, the mayor of Cannes David Lisnard elected president of the Association of mayors of France

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