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The police sergeant in the viral video about the cold-blooded Murder of a mother and son in the town of Paniqui, Tarlac, was sentenced to two life sentences after convicted of two murders in the incident last December Jonel Nuezca also sentenced to nearly a million pesos in damages for the deaths of Sonia Gregorio and her son Frank Anthony Gregorio.

“Nuezca has been convicted unequivocally of two murders,” said Police. General Val de Leon, Director of the Regional Police Office 3.

De Leon said the local court also ordered Nuezca to pay 476,280 pesos in damages to Sonia Gregoria’s heirs and the same amount to her son Frank’s family Pay.

“This development in the case of former police sergeant Nuezca shows that everyone has received equal justice and that the PNP does not tolerate transgressions or misconduct by any of its members. Every person, regardless of their status, must face the crimes they have committed; there are no exceptions in enforcing the law, “said de Leon.

Nuezca, formerly assigned the rank of police officer to the Metropolitan Police Department, was reported nearly two months after the incident, which took place on December 20th in Barangay Cabayaosan in the city of Paniqui.

The shooting arose out of a longstanding grudge between the Nuezca family and the victims over a right of way in their area.

Relatives of Nuezca suspected prior to the shooting in a heated argument with Frank, who was accused of using makeshift pyrotechnic material near the former police officer’s home.

Nuezca reportedly rushed into the area and also had a verbal argument with the victims.

The entire incident was videotaped, including the part when Nuezca suddenly shot Sonia and her son in the head, pumping more bullets as she au f fell to the ground. (Liezle Basa Inigo)