“Pokémon catch them all” sets the tone: a Pokémon fan is a collector or he is not. So, whether in the video game or outdoors, there are always collectibles for fans of pocket monsters. One of the flagship products, of course, are collectible cards. There are hundreds of them, to be exchanged between collectors or to put away patiently. As the Christmas holidays approach, if you want to prepare a gift for a loved one, or simply boost your own collection, know that Amazon and Cdiscount offer lots of 50 cards, from 17 euros at Amazon and 21, 50 euros at Cdiscount.

Amazon thus offers a set of 50 French Pokémon cards, without duplicate, and with three shiny cards as a gift, at 17 euros. These are new official cards, and without duplicates, to allow you to easily update your collection. This is a perfect gift for Pokemon lovers, or for children, especially if the latter like to trade or regularly lose them during playtime. In addition, this item benefits from Amazon Prime, and you are a member, so you can have them delivered to you for free within 1 business day. Cdiscount, for its part, offers a set of 50 Pokémon Vmax cards, in French version, at 21.50 euros. On the other hand, there is no guarantee of not having a duplicate, the illustrations being random, but it is also the game and the risk in buying a package!

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