Here we go again for a yoyo. After regaining ground in Lot-et-Garonne, the epidemic marks a “decline” to use the adjective used by Joris Jonon, director of the departmental delegation of the ARS. The principle of “prudence” is still valid, he also specifies. “We are still in a pivotal period: the end of the summer period and the start of the school year. We are necessarily vigilant so that the figures do not develop unfavorably in the coming weeks. The trend remains fragile and to be confirmed.”

Although Lot-et-Garonne is one of the three departments most affected by the pandemic at present, its figures follow the development of the regional trend. The incidence rate in the general population of Nouvelle-Aquitaine is 87.3 per 100,000 inhabitants over the period from August 28 to September 3 and 106.8 in the 47, the positivity rate is 1.9% at the regional level and 2 % at the departmental level.

The number of hospitalizations in the department is “under control” says Joris Jonon. There are twenty hospitalizations for covid, including six resuscitations. In addition, eight grouped case situations are declared, including four in nursing homes.

“If the statistics on the side of the ARS go down, it is now school activity that could possibly make them go up,” warns Jean-Noël Chavanne during the traditional bi-weekly update on the local epidemiological situation. Indeed, the secretary general of the academic inspectorate, Philippe Micheli, reveals that fourteen positive cases among students have been identified and three among school staff. “Four classes were closed in the department,” he continues. “An elementary class in Layrac, an elementary class in Beaupuy, an elementary class in Petit tour is in Pujols, and a kindergarten class in Villeneuve.”

In addition, the academic inspectorate continues to promote vaccination. “We are continuing the vaccination of 12-17 year olds, today a mobile team is moving to Casteljaloux at the Jean Rostand college,” said Philipe Micheli. “25 students will be vaccinated today.” Other actions are coming up in schools, such as at Collège Jasmin on September 8.

Regarding this target, vaccination coverage, as of August 31, is 68.2%. “We do not expect a large number of people vaccinated with every operation, but we know that this effort is necessary for equal access to vaccination,” says Joris Jonon.

More generally, on September 2, 250,214 Lot-et-Garonnais had received at least one dose, or 75.7% of the population, and 227,354 had a complete vaccination schedule, or 68.8%.

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