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This photo of a survivor of the September 11 attacks has traveled the world. Marcy Borders, 28, had managed to extricate herself from the World Trade Center where she worked. She died 14 years later of cancer she attributed to the dust she inhaled.

For France Inter, Grégory Philipps unwinds the thread of the attacks which, on September 11, 2001, caused nearly 3,000 victims and made the United States falter. From poignant testimony to disturbing questions, a captivating investigation in eight episodes.

On the twentieth anniversary of September 11, 2001, Grégory Philipps is investigating the Islamist suicide bombings that hit the United States, claiming 2,977 victims. That day, four planes were hijacked for weapons, aimed at the two towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and towards Washington.

Two decades later, almost as many people have died from the consequences of the collapse of the Twin Towers – suicides, contamination by chemicals and other carcinogens. In the September 11 podcast series, the investigation, on France Inter, the reporter throws the listener into the chaos that has rocked the world’s leading power. Poignant stories (those of the survivors but also those of the ex-director of the CIA John Brennan and Andrew Card, then chief of staff of George W. Bush at the White House) cross these eight captivating episodes in which are put in light of facts rarely discussed, even eluded.

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