P&O Cruises has announced its anticipated deployment and phased restart plan for the remainder of 2021 and early 2022.

Britannia will begin planned itineraries in the western Mediterranean on September 25 and Iona will begin theirs on the same day Holidays on the Atlantic coast.

Following the Mediterranean season, which runs through October, Britannia is moving to the Caribbean as planned for its winter season, followed by Azura, which will begin flights / cruises to the Caribbean a little later than published December 10th.

P&O Cruises President Paul Ludlow said, “We are very excited to return to sea with Britannia and Iona for the series of British coastal cruises – stays at their very best – which are sure to prove very popular and then start our international restart while we phase each of the other ships.

“As we know, the UK government developed a traffic light system for vacations abroad this summer.

“The current situation means that unfortunately there will be multiple cancellations of itineraries on some ships, but we are looking ahead and planning for the future.

The length and complexity of Arcadia’s planned long-haul cruises and Aurora from January next year have forced their cancellation and these two ships will not start sailing until next year.

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