One of the oldest coal-fired power plants in NSW was partially demolished this morning and the footage is just glorious.

Despite the joint tenacity of NSW and the federal government on fossil fuels, the Wallerawang power plant near Lithgowang is becoming a new location Center for Renewable Energies.

The station was closed in 2014 after almost 70 years of operation and has been idle ever since. During this time it provided 15 percent of the state’s energy.

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Last year it was acquired by Greenspot, a new company rescuing abandoned fossil fuel assets.

Today two 175-meter-high chimneys were destroyed by an explosion, but Greenspot will keep the old turbine hall and cooling tower on the 90-acre site for future multipurpose use of renewable energies.

Greenspot will also have a part use the website for a big fuck-off battery that will be ready in 2023.

The Wallerawang 9 Battery Project will have a capacity of 500 megawatts and 1,000 megawatt hours of storage that can discharge energy for two hours before needing to be recharged.

This is Greenspot’s flagship project and it started with (sorry) a BANG. It is expected to create hundreds of jobs for the area, remove pollution and emissions from the air, and we just love to see it.

#LIVE: Watch the controlled demolition of the old Wallerawang power station near Lithgow. # 9News

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