Pierre Ménès, the return. On the occasion of the launch of his football platform in the Reworld Media group, the former Canal columnist expresses himself: via comments reported in an article in L’Équipe, on September 21, which reveals that the agreement financier sealing his departure from Canal would amount to the staggering sum of 500,000 euros. Comment from the person in the sports daily: “Considering what they paid me, they had nothing to reproach me with. “On September 24, he puts it back in an interview with the Puremédias site which asks him if he has any news of the internal investigation carried out by Canal after the documentary by Marie Portolano whose Les Jours revealed the censorship to redact scenes implicating him. Response from Pierre Ménès: “Yes. This investigation came to nothing. “Another failure: according to our information, this investigation has, on the contrary, given a lot. Seven people have indeed declared to have been victims of the actions of Pierre Ménès within the sports department of Canal. To the point that, again according to our information, a report is underway with the justice system from the labor inspectorate.

Seven people, five women – including Marie Portolano – and two men indeed consider themselves “victims of sexist or inappropriate behavior” on the part of Pierre Ménès. It is therefore the results of the internal investigation carried out at Canal that Les Jours is able to reveal.

Ref: https://lesjours.fr