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Nolwenn Leroy returns to the front of the stage. On this Friday, October 29, the singer shared the video clip of her latest song Mon beau corsaire on her Instagram account, as well as on YouTube. And like any good mother, this one dedicated her to the love of her life: her son Marin. Beautiful images in perspective!

Since Nolwenn Leroy won the second season of Star Academy, the latter has grown. Now 39 years old and after some musical successes to her credit, the singer has become the mother of a little boy. Filled with happiness, the artist does not hesitate to reveal some photos of her offspring on social networks.

One of the last pictures of Marin dates back to July 19, 2020. A few days after the third birthday of his son, Nolwenn Leroy had shared a tender mother-son moment on his Instagram account. “The great love”, she had written in caption. An Instagram post full of sweetness that quickly touched Internet users … “I love it! Too too too beautiful a photo! Little sailor curled up in his mother’s arms! It’s really cute … happy holidays to all 3 “Writes a fan.” Adorable … this photo is splendid “, we could read in the comments.

After a long break away from music, Nolwenn Leroy is more motivated than ever. In a few days, the singer’s many fans will once again be able to listen to the powerful voice of the Breton thanks to the release of her new album La cavale. And one thing is certain … Despite a recovery in the limelight, the interpreter of Cassé does not forget his little boy, Marin.

To celebrate his return to the stores, Nolwenn Leroy unveiled the images of his brand new clip, entitled My beautiful corsair in tribute to his son. Whether on Instagram or YouTube, thousands of Internet users have discovered rare images of the latter. Throughout the song, the former Star Academy contestant featured Marin strolling and playing on an abandoned beach. Who said you couldn’t share your mother’s life with a busy professional career?

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