Since Nolwenn Leroy won the second season of Star Academy, the latter has grown. Now 39 years old and after some musical successes to her credit, the singer has become the mother of a little boy. Filled with happiness, the artist does not hesitate to reveal some photos of her offspring on social networks.

One of the last pictures of Marin dates back to July 19, 2020. A few days after the third birthday of his son, Nolwenn Leroy had shared a tender mother-son moment on his Instagram account. “The great love”, she had written in caption. An Instagram post full of sweetness that quickly touched Internet users … “I love it! Too too too beautiful a photo! Little sailor curled up in his mother’s arms! It’s really cute … happy holidays to all 3 “Writes a fan.” Adorable … this photo is splendid “, we could read in the comments.

After a long break away from music, Nolwenn Leroy is more motivated than ever. In a few days, the singer’s many fans will once again be able to listen to the powerful voice of the Breton thanks to the release of her new album La cavale. And one thing is certain … Despite a recovery in the limelight, the interpreter of Cassé does not forget his little boy, Marin.

To celebrate his return to the stores, Nolwenn Leroy unveiled the images of his brand new clip, entitled My beautiful corsair in tribute to his son. Whether on Instagram (…)

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The Star Academy is 20 years old. To celebrate this anniversary as it should, TF1 brought together from this Saturday, October 30, the emblematic candidates of the different seasons of the show, including Nolwenn Leroy and teachers like Armande Altaï, who made a major revelation about the singer.

Taliban killed at least three wedding guests on Saturday for listening to music. The Afghan government condemned this act.

Taliban fighters shot dead two wedding guests for playing music.

The Kremlin has imposed a week off on the entire Russian workforce in order to thwart the spread of Covid-19. It begins this Saturday and will run until November 7.

The semi-finalist of the first edition of the Star Academy has been the subject of fierce criticism for her physique on social networks.

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It’s a new revelation. Albert of Monaco told People magazine that his two children, the twins Gabriella and Jacques, are invited to a global event. Enough to touch the finger to his toddlers, the future responsibilities they will have.

The Merck laboratory has reportedly found a drug to reduce the risk of hospitalization for people with coronavirus by 50%. However, not everyone can be prescribed this treatment.

Just days before the start of the annual celebrations, the people of Mexico wander around in search of sugar skulls, candies and paper decorations to adorn the graves of their missing loved ones. View on euronews

A death row inmate was shaken by vomiting and convulsions during his execution Thursday in the US state of Oklahoma, where the executioners used a lethal cocktail suspected of causing excruciating pain.

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Since the start of the year, for the first time, sales of camembert have been lower than those of mozzarella in France.

They are painters, photographers, designers or sculptors and they have chosen to settle away from the urban disorder and the exhaust pipes of Abidjan, in Grand-Bassam. Located one hour from the economic capital of the country, this historic city classified as a UNESCO heritage site is attracting more and more local creatives in search of a more serene and affordable way of life. As the once popular artisan village of Grand-Bassam is on the way out, a new generation of artists are con

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The first of the three anniversary evenings of Star Academy will be broadcast this evening on TF1. The opportunity to learn more about what became of five of the former coaches of the famous tele-hook.

Karine Ferri has been filming since the start of the TV season. During this time, it is her husband Yoann Gourcuff who takes care of their children, Maël and Claudia. “We have always been very cool with respect to each other’s schedules and career choices,” said the host in 50 minutes inside.

For several months, astronomers – including a number of amateurs – followed the variations in brightness of a system made up of an utterly trivial star and a black hole. Some of these variations seem to indicate a deformation of the black hole’s accretion disk.