Louis Garrel is proud to present his daughter Oumy to the world. The 12-year-old walked the red carpet at the San Sebastian International Film Festival alongside her father, director of the comedy The Crusade. The young girl also plays a small role in the film, in which also appears her stepmother Laeticia Casta in the main role. Adopted in 2009 by Louis Garrel and his ex-partner, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Oumy (also named Céline) is not at her first attempt. She had also starred in her mother’s film, Les Estivants, in 2019.

This experience had not really pleased the aspiring actress! If we are to believe the words of her mother, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, little Oumy is not a big fan of the film … “She did not like! She does not like, she does not Don’t like it. She doesn’t like the film, she says it’s not a film for children, she’s right, “Carla Bruni’s sister revealed in an interview on the set of C to you in January 2019. And to add, with wisdom: “I am very happy with this reaction which I find very healthy. She prefers to play with her friends”.

For the purposes of her father’s film, Oumy was given the freedom to design her character as she saw fit. The teenager of Senegalese origins takes on the role of a little black girl “badly looked at” in a police station. “We made the film so live that I let her improvise in this scene. In fact, she was the one who wrote it, she had (…)

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The former Cash Investigation journalist tells us about his new investigations into environmental scandals. The first, edifying, attests to pollution with cadmium, a poison found in our potatoes.

Coumba took advantage of a live Instagram this September 17 to make an update on the third episode of Koh-Lanta, the Legend. The adventurer there denied having forced Alexandra to adhere to the strategy of women and regretted that she did not victimize herself.

WEEK 2 – Philippe Duperron is the president of the association 13Onze15 Fraternité-Vérité. He lost his son Thomas, 30, at the Bataclan. For the JDD, he returns every week to the progress of the trial. This second week was marked by the taking of words from the accused and the broadcasting of a sound recording of the Bataclan.

Tonight on France 2, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz meet eight years after Vanilla Sky on the big screen in the action comedy Night and Day. But by the way, did the American actress follow her partner, known to be quite a daredevil, and do all the stunts herself?

SURVEY – According to an Ifop survey for the “Journal du Dimanche”, 38% of French people say they are satisfied with the head of state and 36% with his prime minister

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The favorite of the German legislative elections, Olaf Scholz, defended his action against money laundering on Monday in front of deputies who summoned him, a few days before the legislative elections, in an embarrassing case involving the Ministry of Finance he heads .

Alizée has just posted a new story on her Instagram account this Saturday, September 18, 2021. The singer unveiled an unpublished photo of her little girl Maggy, ready to take a nap.

A report from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine estimates that Alzheimer’s costs the Chinese economy a staggering $ 1,000 billion a year.

A man was arrested on Saturday afternoon in Chambéry after slightly wounding two security guards with a firearm who, for lack of a health pass, had refused him entry to a park where a charity running race was being held, has t – we learned from the prosecution.

Anguish is mounting among educated Afghan women, who fear a bleak future as the new Taliban government closes doors for work or education, saying they still need time to allow them to do so.

The launch of The Voice All-Stars last Saturday on TF1 was the source of new accusations of cheating on social networks. For Télé-Loisirs, Florent Pagny and Mika answered in all honesty the doubts which surround the tele-hook for ten years.

Eliminated from “Dance with the Stars” this Friday, September 17, Lââm is not demoralized. On Instagram, the singer even joked about the failure and savored the gain of a new friendship.

Naomi Campbell opened up about her 4-month-old daughter in a BBC interview.

10,700 new cancer cases and 4,850 alcohol-related cancer deaths could be avoided per year in the WHO European region by doubling current taxes on alcoholic beverages, according to the institution. Russia, the UK and Germany are the countries that would save the most lives by taking this tax step.

The only general practitioner in Île-aux-Moines can no longer practice because it refuses the compulsory vaccination that came into force on September 15.

Outgoing Prime Minister Liberal Justin Trudeau and his main rival, moderate conservative Erin O’Toole, tied in the polls, threw their last strength into the battle on Sunday on the eve of the Canadian legislative elections.

SOCIAL NETWORKS – “We use humor, satire and creativity to expose real problems,” says activist, member of US group “The Fixers”

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