The tenants of 28 rue Hoche in the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille live in fear of a collapse of their unsanitary building. The town hall ensures that it is not necessary to evacuate. But in a city traumatized by the eight deaths of the rue d’Aubagne, the inhabitants are not reassured.

The concern and distress of the Marseille tenants of a building in the 3rd arrondissement. The poorest district of the city. At 28 rue Hoche, located between the A7 motorway and the European hospital, a four-storey building in a dilapidated state of disrepair, prevents the 18 inhabitants from sleeping soundly.

“My landlord told me not to leave my kids on the balcony because it’s risky.” – A tenant

All have in mind the drama of the rue d’Aubagne which left eight people dead on November 5, 2018, and all fear a collapse of their building.

One of the tenants of the building, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been living in an apartment for two years with his wife and five children. “Honestly, I feel in danger,” explains the father of the family, “with the ceiling fallen, the stairs more and more dilapidated. I can’t wait to find something else. I don’t feel very well, I live in fear. in the belly for my children “.

The town hall of Marseille, which has carried out several inspections of the building, believes that there is no danger of collapse and therefore no need to evacuate the inhabitants. “Insalubrity is not the imminent danger”, specifies to France Bleu Provence, Jean-Pierre Cochet, the assistant in charge of risk management. “We are not standing still. We will make a fifth visit this Tuesday with our architect. If necessary, we will decide to carry out work to make the premises safe and we will turn against the three owners on the need.”

The occupants of the building do not understand the position of the town hall. Especially since the city has taken several orders endangered in the neighborhood. “The last order was taken on June 18, 2021, according to a tenant who also wishes to remain anonymous. The building is located 25 meters from our home and forms a U with our building. So if things move there, we don’t can’t tell me that things are not moving here! We are not asking to be evacuated. We want confirmation that the building is not moving “.

All the tenants have filed a complaint against the owners of the building as well as the city. They will also get closer to “Angry Marseille”, the association of victims of the rue d’Aubagne, to help them in their efforts.

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