This is the new celebrity contest. Every October 31, on the occasion of Halloween, also known as All Hallows ’Eve in Anglo-Saxon countries, stars around the world pose in costumes – more or less – successful. On the eve of the celebration of the holiday, celebrities must polish the final details of their terrifying costumes, or in the effigy of their favorite fictional character. But what will the celebrities wear this Sunday, October 31?

In 2020, in the middle of a period of confinement, Celine Dion, played the game by donning the costume of one of television’s most famous nannies: Nanny McPhee. A costume studied from start to finish to stick to the skin of the fictional character. The Quebec singer had made up the same spots and moles, and even went so far as to stick false teeth.

In family, the ex-Miss France, Elodie Gossuin was less bothered about her disguise. The pretty blonde was wearing pumpkin-shaped glasses. And her four – frightening – children each had witch hats or spider webs. A fun occupation, shared with the family during confinement, that the forty-something had posted on Instagram.

In 2020, with the long weeks of confinement having forced a large part of the population to remain cloistered at home, some had taken this Halloween party very seriously, like Heidi Klum. No disguise for the pretty model, (…)

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All gathered near Lisbon, Élodie Gossuin, her companion and their four children enjoyed a well-deserved family vacation in the sun. The opportunity for the former Miss France to give news of her little tribe on Instagram, this Friday, October 29.

For 110 euros per night, it is now possible to immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter, while staying in the capital, reports “Ouest-France”.

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Clashes erupted on the sidelines of a rally by Eric Zemmour initially organized at the Zenith in Nantes. The protesters, numbered 300 to 400, are currently blocking the road between a shopping center and the hall.

Clément Rémiens got what he wanted in Here it all begins: an intrigue to sully his too perfect image in the TF1 series. Yet the actor still has great regret.

This Friday, October 29, the former international tricolor today consultant on M6 will blow out his 48th candle. The opportunity to learn more about his wife.

CINEMA REVIEWS – JDD’s selection for the week of October 2 to November 9.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 kicks off on M6 this Saturday, October 30, and fans will be surprised to find the squad one less in these new episodes.

Taliban fighters shot dead two wedding guests for playing music.

Like every October 31, millions of people are going to dress up for Halloween. Back to the origins of this tradition.

During his first intervention in front of television cameras since the drama, the actor indicated that the filming of the film “Rust” will not resume. “She was my family,” he said of victim Halyna Hutchins.

Winners on Saturday of the BO (13-9) in cataclysmic weather conditions, Gervais Cordin and his partners from the RCT were happy to have revealed a united and determined face.

In the final episode of season 18 of NCIS: special investigations, broadcast this Friday, October 29 on M6, expect plenty of twists but also the departure of one of the main characters.

Chelsea strengthened their grip on the Premier League by winning (3-0) in Newcastle on Saturday for the 10th day, taking advantage of Liverpool’s draw against Brighton (2-2) and City’s defeat against Crystal Palace (0- 2), while United gave themselves air by dominating Tottenham (3-0).

Mistreated in the second half, the Lyonnais managed to keep their advantage acquired before the break to win against Lens (2-1), this Saturday, during the 12th day of Ligue 1.

LUCKY – Police officers took a selfie with the actor, who was very happy to be back with his property

After keeping her son’s name a secret for a long time, Shy’m finally revealed her little boy’s name and explained why she had chosen such a poetic name.

On this Friday, October 29, Bilal Hassani and Jordan Mouillerac once again amazed the members of the Dance jury with the stars and viewers. And for good reason, the singer wanted to pay tribute to his mother by dancing to a cover of Jacques Brel. The emotion is at its height.

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PHOTOS – Halloween: Céline Dion, Heidi Klum, Elodie Gossuin … The 20 best celebrity costumes
PHOTOS – Halloween: Céline Dion, Heidi Klum, Elodie Gossuin… The best celebrity costumes