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Saturday, October 30, on Instagram, Alizée and her daughter Annily Chatelain announced the arrival of a “new member of the family”: a magnificent harlequin dachshund named Groot.

A pretty blended family. Since their participation in the fourth season of Dance with the stars (and their victory), Alizée and Gregoire Lyonnet have never left each other. The singer and the dancer settled in Corsica, where they opened a dance hall, got married and started a family. In 2019, Alizée indeed gave birth to a daughter, named Maggy. A little sister for Annily Chatelain, 16, the result of the singer’s previous relationship with Star Academy candidate Jérémy Chatelain.

Family completed by Jon Snow, magnificent dog of the singer and the dancer, who scared his owners recently. “Our Jon Snow has had repeated health problems in recent weeks, operations …”, explained Alizée on Instagram, reassuring: “He was mowed for his health. But today he is better, and the hairs are growing back quietly. The main thing is not that he is beautiful but that he is in good health! ” Something to remind the singer of bad memories.

Five months ago, Alizée announced the death of Galak, a chihuahua who had shared her life for more than ten years. “We are so sad… I love you for eternity,” she wrote on Instagram with several photos of Galak that she has totally tattooed on her skin. This time, it’s good news that she shared on the social network. Saturday, October 30, she announced the arrival of a new hairball in the family. “We present to you Groot, new member of the family,” she wrote. And the harlequin dachshund is already the delight of the tribe.

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