This Thursday, August 26, the comedians of Tomorrow belongs to us celebrated the 1000th episode of the series. Lorie Pester did not miss an event, who sent a loving message to her program buddies.

An appointment not to be missed. This Thursday, August 26, a big change happened in Tomorrow belongs to us, from the credits. Goodbye the usual song performed by Lou Jean. For this 1000th episode of the series, it was Vianney who had the heavy task of composing, writing and performing the lyrics for this new credits. “It was a pleasure for me to join him on this adventure. I got interested in the show and its values, and then I started to imagine a song. But I warned them that if it didn’t suit them, there was no problem telling me. And that would not have prevented the song from existing later, ”explained Catherine Robert’s companion to the Parisian. Just before the broadcast, the singer spoke on social networks. “I hope you like it: I put a lot of myself into it,” he told Internet users. Sadly, the song Tomorrow’s Day has divided fans into Tomorrow Belongs to Us, as evidenced by the many messages written on Twitter. A title that fans will have to get used to since it replaces Lou Jean’s.

Once the surprise passed, the fans were able to follow with pleasure this 1000th episode of Tomorrow belongs to us. An appointment that did not miss Lorie Pester, who interprets Lucie since 2017. Even if the intrigue devoted to the singer ended a few months ago, she still has a thought for her friends of Tomorrow belongs to us . And this August 26, Nina’s mother was moved by sharing a photo in which we find Ingrid Chauvin, Solène Hébert, Clément Remiens, Maud Backer, Franck Monsigni and Joaquim Fossi.

“This photo was taken during the evening of the 100th broadcast… Tonight our friends are celebrating the 1000th! Whoa! What a great adventure! I’m sending you kisses! ”Wrote the Near Me interpreter. A message that moved Alexandre Brasseur, to believe his heart let loose in the comments. “It would be even better if you were still here. We miss you in DNA ”,“ She is so missed in the series ”,“ Come back quickly ”, many fans of the program reacted. What make Lorie want to resume the role of Lucie soon?

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