Pink’s father is dead. The 41-year-old American singer confirmed the terrible news this Friday, August 27 on Instagram. She posted two black and white photos of her and him, one from when she was little, and the other from her marriage to Carey Hart in 2006. “Forever,” she wrote in the caption, receiving in response a wave of love from his followers and messages of support from other celebrities. She can also count on her daughter Willow and her son Jameson, named in tribute to her grandfather.

James Moore – Pink’s real name is Alecia Beth Moore – was a Vietnam War veteran. When he was deployed there, he wrote a song called I have seen the rain. He probably never imagined having a daughter years later, that she would become an internationally renowned singer, and that he would take the stage to sing this song with her. And yet, it happened. In 2006, during a concert in New York, Pink invited her father on stage for a moment filled with emotions. Thursday, before confirming the disappearance of her father, the singer posted a photo of that moment, forever engraved in her memory.

James Moore had been fighting for months against particularly aggressive prostate cancer. He had several chemotherapy treatments, but none helped him to recover. In July 2020, Pink had posted a photo of his father lying in a hospital bed and giving his hand to his wife Grace (he divorced (…)

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A series of violent explosions at an ammunition depot in Kazakhstan left 12 dead and dozens injured.

Christina Milian would have liked the holidays to last a little longer. This is what she explained on Instagram by posing in a very low-cut bikini, offering a most sensual shot to her subscribers.

They have the same first name, the same last name, but also the same date and place of birth. Two Francis Lopez are confused by their supplementary pension organization.

The first fifty Afghan refugees, from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, arrived Thursday afternoon by bus in Strasbourg, where they will be accommodated for a few weeks in a hotel requisitioned by the state, AFP noted. Sixty more refugees were due to arrive in two more buses later in the afternoon.

Sarah Poniatowski and Marc Lavoine formalized their divorce in March 2018. From their union were born three children: Yasmine, Roman and the youngest Milo. On this Wednesday, August 25, the singer’s ex had the joy of finding his eldest. She shared a beautiful shot of her reunion with Yasmine. The 23-year-old is simply gorgeous!

Le Nouveau Detective reports that a reconstruction of the altercation of March 10, 2019 which cost Bastien Payet the life was made some time ago. It could allow the three accused to be confused.

Rapid radio bursts are very energetic astronomical events. That researchers are still struggling to explain. Some repeat themselves. Sometimes periodically. This is the case with FRB 20180916 B. Astronomers have just extended a new ear to him.

In some parts of the Massif des Maures, there is nothing left after the fire that ravaged the Var in mid-August.

The US President spoke in a solemn address after the death of US servicemen in an attack in Kabul.

While Marie Portolano was invited live in “Tous en cuisine” (M6), the host was not present at the start of the show: a delay which somewhat stressed Cyril Lignac and Jérôme Anthony.

The grayness and the low temperatures do not seem to reach them. In Paris, this couple is in love as on the first day. A beautiful scenario that has lasted for thirty years now.

Success would have negative effects on some comedians. Here it all begins. In any case, this is what Catherine Marchal, alias Claire Guinot, says in the daily TF1 series.

The delay in vaccination in the West Indies “will have killed and killed” again, deplored the Minister of Health Olivier Véran on Thursday, criticizing the persistence of vaccine mistrust: “the fear of the virus yes, the fear of the vaccine, no” .

In Afghanistan, a former British soldier who opened a shelter for pets is struggling to exfiltrate his staff, but also his dogs and cats. On Wednesday, the British Defense Minister said he was ready to find a niche for such an evacuation.

On board a helicopter, the star of “Mission Impossible 7” literally invited herself into the garden of a British family, reports CNews on Friday.

Jessica Thivenin welcomed her second child, Leewane, on August 22. Born prematurely, the little girl causes a lot of trouble for her parents. After a little fright and the need for increased surveillance of the baby, Jessica Thivenin and her husband Thibault Garcia decided to set up a routine to manage this complicated situation.

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Since the birth of their daughter Lya this Tuesday, August 24, there is not a day when the lovers of M6 do not communicate about their happiness to be parents. On this Thursday, August 26, Laure and Matthieu from MAPR 5 unveiled a superb photo of Lya as a story! This peaceful little baby has a chewable face!

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