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Lolita Séchan gave a rant. At the heart of a controversy, Renaud’s daughter defended herself from being racist after a publication that shocked some of her subscribers.

Lolita Sechan


A simple statement can quickly ignite the powder on social networks. Lolita Séchan, Renaud’s daughter, has just paid the price. This Friday, May 28, she told her fans about her latest purchase: protective masks for children. Except that she was annoyed to see that these had been made in China. “Is it that hard to make it in France? Well, it’s not won”, she wrote in the caption. A remark that earned her many criticisms, since she revealed a few hours later to have been accused of racism by some of her subscribers. “Did I write that everything that came from China was crap,” she commented, saying she was “flabbergasted” by this controversy. She, who admits to being torn between defending herself and “letting piss”, explained in the rest of her messages that her rant was above all ecological. Far from having a problem with Chinese manufacturing, she regrets that France does not invest more in short circuits.

Annoying to see herself as having bad intentions, Lolita Séchan explains in her Instagram story: “I thought I was talking about ecology in fact. Of local production. Of short circuit logic. Regarding a product that was in shortage at a time when it was essential. Is it racist to find it absurd to bring something from the other side of the world that we can manufacture here because there is an emergency? “

Renan Luce’s ex then explains that caregivers have recently explained to him that they could not change the sheets of a loved one hospitalized because the order from China had not yet arrived. All while they were on a “White Plan, getting ready to face the second wave.” For Lolita Séchan there is only one solution to this shortage: to produce locally. But obviously, his message was not understood …

Lolita Sechan


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