It is a beautiful tribute that reserved Anthony Delon to his mother Nathalie, who died on January 21, 2021. This Monday, August 23 on Instagram, he indeed revealed that he had gone to Jamaica in order to honor his last wish: scatter his ashes on the island of Jamaica. A gesture that has not failed to upset Internet users.

This is very sad news announced by Anthony Delon on January 21st. Her mother Nathalie died of generalized pancreatic cancer at the age of 79. It was in November 2019 that the former and only wife of Alain Delon was diagnosed. Sveva Alviti’s companion has since multiplied tributes to his late mother: “She was a lioness in the body of a sparrow. Small, slender, endowed with a great culture, a subtle intelligence and also a vital energy, a physical and mental strength out of the ordinary. No one has ever been able to stand in his way or decide for him. He was someone solar, “he said in the columns of Paris Match.

On June 17, it was her father who in turn paid tribute to his former wife: “I knew she was going to leave, I knew she had decided. She thought there was no point in being here when you couldn’t do anything more. And I told her she was right. And that I would be unhappy afterwards when she left ”.

A few days after his disappearance, Anthony Delon announced his desire to respect his mother’s last wishes, namely to disperse her ashes in Jamaica, a country to which she was very attached. Global pandemic requires, the project had to be put on hold. But in this month of August, Anthony Delon was finally able to go to the Caribbean island, as can be seen from his last post on Instagram: “Your last trip, Jamaica for eternity,” he wrote in the caption. of a video showing him next to his mother’s urn facing a clear ocean.

A gesture that we would like to salute the rapper Fianso, David Hallyday and the actress Farida Khelfa, as well as many Internet users: “A country that your mother loved very much, beautiful tribute for Nathalie”, “It is only the rite which ends, but the “disappeared” continue to live as long as the living think of them… It is a hard moment, I hope that you have even been surrounded and supported ”,“ I wish you a lot of courage and of peace Mr. Delon ”. A beautiful image that fits perfectly with these few lines from Arthur Rimbaud: “She has been found. / What ? – Eternity. / It’s the sea gone / With the sun. “

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