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Anthony Delon shared a very sad news on Tuesday, September 14. Less than a year after his engagement to Sveva Alviti, the actor has just announced their breakup. They’ve been separated for a month already.

Anthony Delon thought he had found the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. Nine years after his divorce from Sophie Clerico, the mother of his daughters Loup and Liv, he was finally ready to marry again. The chosen one of her heart was none other than actress and former tennis player Sveva Alviti. After several months of relationship, both had posed on the front page of Paris Match magazine on September 17, 2020. They then created a surprise by announcing their engagement. But their union project has visibly fallen into the water: less than a year after the happy news, the son of Alain Delon has just announced their breakup on social networks.

“After more than a month of separation, it is time for me to announce the breakdown of my engagement with Miss Alviti and to wish her good luck for the future”, said the brother of Anouchka and Alain-Fabien on his Instagram page. A sad news which made many react the Internet users, who had become attached to the couple he formed with the star of the biopic Dalida.

If the news of their split comes as such a shock to fans, it’s because Sveva Alviti and Anthony Delon had big plans together. Besides their marriage, the actress hoped to start a family with the son of the Cheetah. “I feel a great desire to have a child. I hope to get there soon, I feel ready to do it. After all, we do not live only at work!”, She said in the columns of the magazine Italian Amica.

For his part, Anthony Delon has already known the joys of fatherhood on three occasions. The 56-year-old Franco-American actor – born in Hollywood – is the father of Alyson Le Borges, the fruit of his love affair with a young dancer when he was 20 years old. He then had Loup, now 25, and Liv Delon, 20, both born from his marriage to Sophie Clerico. A small tribe which is ultimately not about to grow …

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