Introduced last December as Estelle Lefébure’s “secret” companion, Philippe Lellouche is tormented by anxiety. He couldn’t sleep, in part because of Emma Smet.

The actor and director explains the reason to the Parisian, where it is about the backstage of the play Le Jeu de la Truth, at the Palais des Glaces. Philippe Lellouche wrote the script for this play in which his son Sam gives the answer to Emma Smet.

For the premiere, which took place this week, the one who was spotted hand in hand with Estelle Lefébure was obviously part of the event.
“It’s so pretty what’s going on, this passage, this transmission,” he said, saying he was very proud of his son Sam.

“Like a nervous daddy. It’s strange, I feel new things “, specified the artist, before continuing always in the columns of the Parisian:” Usually, I have the jitters for myself and I know how to manage it, there I do not. can’t do it, I didn’t manage to sleep before 3 o’clock last night … But I know what I’m doing.
will tell them tonight: above all, have fun! “.

“The Game of Truth”, at the Palais des Glaces (Paris Xe), Tuesday to Saturday at 7:30 pm, from € 29 to € 39.

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