INTERVIEW – In the Basque Country, the friendly globetrotter met inspired and creative personalities, worthy representatives of the Basque soul. To see Wednesday evening at 9:05 p.m. on France 3.

MAG TV. – After a summer aboard “Trains like no other” on France 5, we will find you on France 3 alternating with Carolina De Salvo. What will the new season of “Must not dream” look like?

Philippe GOUGLER. -As you know, the magazine turned to the discovery of French regions. We continue to showcase characters who have that little flame that lights up in their eyes, that of people who find happiness in their passion. Not to mention the care given to the image and aesthetics which are more than ever part of the DNA of “Should not dream” on France 3.

How does this program, entitled “The Heart in the Basque Country”, stand out from the many reports on the region on television?

I knew the Basque Country but this was the first time that I had filmed in the heart of this endearing land, with a very marked, extremely strong identity, like that of Brittany. We would all like to be attached to our regions like the Basques. If this land is so attractive, it is ultimately because we love what is loved and we desire what is desired. In all weathers, we certainly show the magnificent green of the mountain which contrasts with the blue of the sea, the large beaches, but with this small side step that leads us to meet unusual personalities. While having a snack on the sidewalk with Gorka, I am instantly immersed in the world of Penas de Bayonne, in an atmosphere and a state of mind. This immediacy is rare. Rosa, the coxswain (traditional rowing fishing boat, used for regattas, Editor’s note) has this humor, this banter … All of them develop a passion for their region. The challenges, the games of strength, the Basque pelota competitions keep the emulation between the villages, between the North and the South (there is only one Basque Country). We bicker, we stare at each other but basically we like each other.

Yes and it’s amazing. Deep in an old German bunker on the Atlantic Wall, I find Tom sorting fishing nets and removing the sinkers to turn them into original objects. Timothée is revolutionizing the world of espadrilles as a family with creations based on recycled tire soles, filled with wool, which he exports to Japan for the winter … Mikel makes caramel and soap with mare’s milk and Caroline uses Pottok’s dung (“little horse” from the mountains, pronounced Pottiok) to make lights! The sand also inspires poetic ephemeral works in Sam, which he creates with the aid of a simple rake.

You admire the Basques for their attachment to their region, what about yours?

In Franche-Comté, we speak little, we are humble. The Jura is a beautiful region that does not need to be talked about deep down. If the mountaineer is more reserved, he also has an enormous heart.

Whether in the jungle in Malaysia or in a village in France, I find these passions, large and small, that transcend humanity. Currently filming in Picardy, I meet people who dream of sailing a 2CV in the Bay of Somme …

My smartphone … and my iron because I like having crisp shirts and I can’t always find the right device on the spot!

“Trains unlike any other is a collection, beautiful, positive, gentle, which continues its course without creating a buzz”

The “Trains like no other” collection (created in 1987), which you took over in 2011, was again a real success last summer, what are the next destinations?

I am happy with this beautiful, positive, gentle “Trains like no other” collection, which continues its course without creating a buzz. I’m going to tour in Guatemala and Mexico in particular.

What do you think of the original travelers who are Nans et Mouts (“Nudes et cheeky” on France 5) or Antoine de Maximy (“I’ll go to sleep at home”, now on RMC Découverte)?

They have their approach. For my part if I undressed, I do not know if the viewer would gain! (laughs)