If the latter does indeed have a strong character, no one expected him to speak for the first time about his privacy: the French were shocked by his testimony!

If M6 viewers never tire of seeing the great chef Philippe Etchebest in the shows Cauchemar en cuisine or Top Chef, it must be said that the latter’s private life has not always been very easy, it is the least we can say.

It turns out that Philippe Etchebest does not speak very often about his private life, and some people know absolutely nothing about what he may have experienced in the past, and in particular about his heartbreaking life with difficulties that he had to overcome with great difficulty, to say the least.

The host of Nightmare in the Kitchen doesn’t always look his best and he never hesitates to take part, even if it means getting angry at times with contestants on the show.

But the latest revelations that we have recently been able to discover risk completely changing your perception of the great chef Philippe Etchebest, who at first glance may seem quite cold and distant, as we can see in particular in his program Cauchemar en cuisine .

This is a real shock wave for the millions of viewers of Cauchemar en cuisine, the M6 ​​program presented by Philippe Etchebest where restaurateurs are doing everything to be able to come back up the slope with the catastrophic restaurant.

In the various shows where you can see the chef who is very popular today, he does not hesitate for a second to speak quite violently about the cooks and waiters he can see.

It is true that to trigger a certain click among the various candidates, Philippe Etchebest is ready to do anything to be able to be helpful, but it turns out that his actions are not always appreciated, to say the least. .

While he can seem like a real hangman at times, the great chef happens to have a big heart, as evidenced by his quite overwhelming private life.

Bravo to @Chef_Etchebest who entered the JDD ranking (Ifop): 7th favorite male personality of the French! 🎉 pic.twitter.com/YtA332547l

No one would have thought that the chef had decided in the past to adopt a child who was now 16 years old: he recently opened up about this rather bluffing news about him …

It was in 2005 that the great chef Philippe Etchebest decided to adopt a child named Oscar-Louis with his wife, during a trip the couple had the opportunity to make in Mexico.

It was first in 2015 with the release of his autobiography “I will never let go” that we learned the shocking news for the chef.

It was much later, in the program Objectif Top Chef, that Philippe Etchebest returned to this rather upsetting episode in his life. Indeed, it turns out that if he is out of habit quite modest as he admits, he was completely upset by Theo, a candidate for the show who had been adopted at the time at the age of a year and a half.

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