Company Philippe Etchebest disguised as a gendarme to mock the health pass

SECOND DEGREE The Bordeaux chef posted a video in which he has fun checking the sanitary pass in front of his restaurant Le Quatrième Mur, disguised as a gendarme

Posted on 08/04/21 10:28 AM
– Updated 08/04/21 at 11:06 am

His little video posted on Instagram should have its effect. A few days after the reopening of his restaurant
The Fourth Wall, closed as a precaution due to suspected cases of
Covid-19 among its staff, and a few days before the application of
health pass, Philippe Etchebest had fun in a video, with an old gendarme costume checking customers with the famous pass.

In this little humorous and silent film, we see the Bordeaux chef first in his kitchens signaling to his employees that he must go up, then he stands in front of his establishment to control the passes, like a gendarme performing the circulation.

Even if he gently mocks the measure that must come into force from August 9 for restaurants, the starred chef also warns that his establishment will apply the health measures in force.

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